DOC SHOW AUDIO: Another Froggy Pajama Party

Wednesday, March 7th

With the latest Nor'easter here, Doc and a few other employees spent the night at the radio station. Freddie has a theory as to why we stay here.


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Race and how we're just referral it's really amateur radio Barcelona yeah. Crazy man how I thought through that storm again here I was very Smart enough to stay here last night. And here's the thing now on thirteen other I did not make fun of anybody who stayed here last thing because I don't want karma to come back and bite me on the way home today. As far as I can't begin tomorrow night I don't want anybody make the economy so you have a theory why rural here dad man. If it's a new show itself Mike came out it's not called I'm afraid to drive in the storm and it won't be able to get in the work because I'm a diehard dedicated employee here it's called. I am sick of my spouse could therefore I will sleep on a concrete floor for. With all these other people in this building this asylum I like to refer to that disappear rather than stay in the comforts of my own home crowd. We if my spouse that I am sick out. Explanations. For accident in your life called Nazi wanted to stay near vicinity now well past that door was open.