DOC SHOW AUDIO: Andy Mehalshick Sings Blue Christmas

Monday, December 11th

Andy Mehalshick from WBRE Eyewitness News stopped in this morning and was up for the challenge to sing backwards...and nailed it!


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All the holiday season this year but he's in a good mood Freddy's here anymore home sick from. WB area Eyewitness News is here too you know on Friday Andy's a singer Powell really is a performer. I'm really singer of some would see a performer once in awhile. But I give a shot and only thought they could pull this off fast free and pay a monster I've never sang anyway a public I don't like karaoke. What I did this morning for the holiday spirit right now. So we have tickets to get where I debuted today yes it is a big bonus time they're on now. Wow this is what they call it's a Scotty mccreery series Kirby center on February 10 Indy is singing Christmas Carol you can decide. Which one this is you win the tickets to listen booty club I need it. Such moves will receive block. Moody's Matt Luke's in zero. Who'd love than hell line you're going to hear all quite good and sound like so. So my live report just plug it sounds like someone's trying to summon singer so I. Did Celek a chance to win yeah. Africa just a little. Over the Christmas songs it was when you saw that's kinda like I don't know we got to listen to that a few more times I thought I heard some kind of message in that kinda like when they would spin the Led Zeppelin records back yes.