DOC SHOW AUDIO: 1st Dance Song at the Royal Wedding

Tuesday, May 15th

The Royal couple picked "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" as their first dance song. Jessie and Freddie wanted no part of it.


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To be marrying into this trial samplings. One more piece on the thing their first dance song is going to be I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston during the way. For jurors to remember things then from that people. Like power not about let me know I again song like your first I should and shouldn't she Diana pretty what's the big when you're DJ a lot of weddings what's the first dance song. I wanna know right now it's an edge here in this perfect I believe has been really coming on strong nobody here and here these machines. And Christopher. Fassel and how are your people and transported answered yeah. Hundred years old you eventual letting seniors young men have put my way into the afternoon when they open up the dance floor mat. Yeah we want to have for your. It's going to be very similar vision for the songs. I don't know when they were employees doing we do you engage. And there it's done what it was slightly more term to the last on the bus any day you know I'm staying alive. I barely remember where I was it's not appear to pull it into a.