Tuesday, October 18th


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Yeah. Gel with oxygen. One generals said enough price of an altar boy by the way so I enjoy doing funerals because Georgia school for enjoyed you can't change you don't enjoy because there's a 22 out of class to do if you are. He gets tipped at a funeral only one time and I don't know like as the words persecute you for funeral mr. church from the video Alter what I did a weights with something I didn't understand when I was little glimmer my parents Joyce and going to wake I heard cake. I thought it with the party that they were going to regulate that away. Now I don't know JFK and it's it's not about that until I went through my first week and saw it when a relative passed away yeah. Didn't bother me that much what does bother me and freaks me out at weeks is way and someone even if they're close TO NIC sometimes you know you see rosary beads on the hands over the ball nicely daddy. Yeah and then they'll reach over and touch the hands of like. It looks like that's like air final now. And I'll. Now let's I mean I I my little prayer and my both parents to pass away there's no way I was touching. Yep I touched my mother's on arm after she had a like Dresser pantsuit everywhere and an honor to have her skin was not expose on her arm but my sister did you touch her hands up Burlington. Moving to. I'm afraid I don't know. Gonna grab employee and that kind of thing that totally I don't know I I don't you know is a cult the tenth hole it's it's more like Errol I put it like any feeling like you know what does it feel like. Couldn Brinkley and am home in Ireland and so do you enjoy wakes. Jersey of people would take pictures and notes now itself is kind when I do they stand next in a body in an intern I was actually just on Friday FaceBook page and someone had commented and I are alive and it clicked on this person's picture and picture him hand and I'm assuming his mother some relatives and skit in the box it's your. The start of the and now. A great way to pick up chicks yeah. Oh yeah I don't I don't totally get that when you -- idea juries are thinking about this like hey you wanna be buried or how do you want to funeral I -- big party had told Michelle and I think she's offer thrown a party to goes on recess when you guys have given talent like an Irish thing Irish wake of with a call that's cool so you basically have a bar there -- -- -- of that meanwhile about the middle of the room there you know you guys from a recess earlier on saving up on the hair thing by Tom it's a party were the whole family gets together. You similarly yes I love you know that they did there on a bar and they're just getting drunk and talking about what a great person he was and now. Sharing laughs and I love the. I don't wanna be where you put your drinks on the casket you know when knocks him. Drink and to me and stuff but you know you wanna dress to you have like an outfit now already this is more you know why this is the after show us what we do. Followers suit I get that producers that I bought everything they get it picked out by have to travel warning yet I haven't had a funeral or wedding to go to cinema village here must have Barea had much looser but that's that's the after show here. But time will never touch someone in the casket I don't care how much I love you or how much and bill elect in my life I don't think I'm gonna touch her estranged from just loosened up she's getting off first do you declare an apparent Ada OK there you go Christiane you don't front you. Now it's your turn to weigh in on today's average Joseph. Friday 101 dot com.