Monday, October 24th


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A show its docket. One. Jesse always thought you'd have a baby's over talking about haven't. B and you basic thing of having a life and someone who grows up and looks up to use my old time for calling him in your arms. But then they get older like buying the right elect him home the part that I'm not look and flirt John's nineteen years old was at a party and I guess things got a hand at party whatever. Number he came home when he was CME was fine but he said he was helping somebody a friend in need. And nobody doing at his south pants Cadbury. Dirty and soil Leslie what happens any soil well it was Monday at lake mine because it was rainy few members Saturday he was at a bar and yeah they have the part and so little in the way. And somebody gets he was helping this young lady. When was not feeling almost of the stomach virus or try to go out around so we was basically holding her head well she Yonder in technicolor. And I got on an errant he a lot of zone and I'm talking to the seals. On the Buick vehicles. And I get a it's like you'll. We're not gonna go on and other Alex and I don't understand what you're leaning answers my. Allowance into the I tenement now. Now by and the Buick or that one now there's a B. And just all around yakking Israeli tells me he's got yak. On the needs of his pants like why what did you do you. Nice young man that helped her that he was trying to helper I was gonna if you think. So it's something and your two Erica and Michelle was upset with bsc has in doing laundry. I've only knows why at this point. Civic or through laundry touches. Soiled blue jeans. Refer closed some random girls vomit and so random girl vomit and through all in there. Yeah I did. I didn't make him because he's the answer to launch from street doesn't like soft mentally shall we can't put it in the washing machine like he's getting all his dirt off there. To proceed what's the cost Lester goes all the garbage can. Then I got the whip of what was going on on those pants and that sent him so I'm glad he's a gentleman that way that and a Yasser like you said in element vigorous a systemic buyers or something going on around her eyes and a future it's got as stomach virus picnic for him they love the Buick so much. It's just or get to a park and we have children. It's the after show it for you. Now it's your turn to weigh in on today's after show. Friday 101 dot com.