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Friday, February 9th


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We Nadia likes to have Crockett. Exclusively on Friday 101 outcome. In the saddle like you and for another little audio extra so. A lot of guys have heard. We talk about it and go a little bit in depth on this one about my my injury last Sunday so. It's funny some people are just finding out about it and in the building and around it my inner circle some people are just finding out about it some people are now. So. I'm gonna give you guys just little heads up. This story is gore folks it's I'm gonna I'm gonna go in full detail on this one cell if you don't do good with. Injury stories in May of Ankiel now sell. But that said we're going to it on last Sunday. I sound it was Super Bowl Sunday now I have waited my entire. Liked to see the Eagles go to the Super Bowl title win the Super Bowls we are excited my boys and we were excited. Now last time Eagles were in the Super Bowl I think it was eighteen maybe nineteen I didn't have any friends here I just moved here so I didn't know anybody. So I wasn't excite it wasn't an adult yet so this is like our first super boy as adults so we were ready to peered out we ready and we said. You know what. Let's do this the right they blitzed we've watched every single game together. Let's tailgate this party let's treat I know my buddy lives on a corner. Of of a street and across a street is now old church and the church is abandoned said the parking lot. Is connected to his house and he's got a giant parking lot for driveway and it's abandoned so we elect in. Let's treat his house. Like it's the Super Bowl stadium we're gonna park out several Parker cars are gonna. We're gonna drink beer we're gonna cook outside with the Grail when you listen music when it play catch. We're ready. And I talked about it and I guess Igawa height goes on my buddies like to everybody's talking about this tale he were thrown sort site. All of course. Being in northeast PA. Being that the Eagles and a symbol it's decides to snow it's knows I was so mad some snow but it's rain okay we can live with style. So I went and bought a case of beer month by spine beer. The buddy whose house for he's out buying these I'll buy in the meat to cook so my buddy nick and I we get back. And were set up RT algae hanging up flags we got the doors open so the music can come out we got to country music element. Are rumored to east mound my buddy who owns this house he comes in with a our buddies everybody's ready and we are. Ready to go out guy Ares rocker whiskey ready. I'm aware ready for the super couple were all decked out now when I say decked out. Hull had to tell I've got my Eagles. Zoo zebra print official Eagles are back as print hat. And got my Eagles hat on and had on then I've got. In order by Eagles Carson when shirt I've got mine. Eagles will be on and then I have my nick bulls Jersey on. Going down more I've got my green tights. And then I have my zoom bag zebra print Eagles paints and got green. Socks on any word decked out in the ninth UP I'm ready I'm ready for the simple. We crack open our first beer I. On Google opera Pakistani passover which phone football habitable or things don't go and my buddy for real bad pass the style must've got the ball went out near the car. Saw one run and four I needed to catch this ball I needed to bring the luck the Eagles jumped up in the air when I went to jump. My foot. Caught the snow and collect the snow and I went back and Fella slipped. Now. When I slipped. Everything went black. And then fell in loud. I heard. Any news of which feel that but I her awhile to. And then it was black so. All of a sudden so it goes black. Troy couple sects and next thing I remember is my eyes are closed and I hear my buddies start saying. Oh crap we'll say we go insane crap. And then I open my eyes and you know in a movie. Was selling gets knocked down under the bell gets wrong in the cameras we EV like that I wouldn't meg tell oneself. No my eyes I can hear my buddies saying no no no no coming over. And everything was blurry I'm trying to get my eyes to focus on my head is just cloudy am like oh god Olga so. I say okay. To myself or say to myself OK I just hit my head of the concrete by Dell's wrong. I just got to sit up. Get my head straight on fine I've got a concussion before like with a full blown concussion so I know what that feels like it was similar but not as bad so is it okay. May be minor. I'll be able shake this off. All the sun my body comes differences on man. You're bleeding. And I found now now now no no no no maybe it's just crash written simply niece again I said. Now now I say I must just hit my head off the concrete BC no. You do need your help the concrete as she hit the card the war tomorrow earlier I said that we had that all four car doors open wheel that's what happened. When I want or a pass I slipped backwards and went headfirst into the corner of my metal cart the war. Why am so. Now the sun setting up. And my boys Lego man you glean a lot so I was kind of nervous touch me no one knew how bad it was trying to look through my hair. Of course I dark hair. And a lot of it so it's kind of hard she was going on. So like we Geigy Jeanne Simons is an army are in Saudi FiOS and I feel cash okay. And punched my head with a cut his muscle blunt I was wearing gloves could see a lot of blood but I said arguably it's gone up. And they're kind of like help me inside it to a barrage curse words coming on my mouth. So we didn't in the bathroom now it's meat and three other guys were all cranes so back from my buddies got a paper tell my head now. Now I don't remember anything from this point for a little bit I do remember waking up on the bathroom floor. So what happened apparently was my buddy. Took the paper towels my head and show for whatever reason my buddies showed me the paper towel so in England. He's remained glean a lot. And he said I grabbed them elected is facing is an ongoing down and then I just collapsed and I fell on the floor and passed out I remember any of this. When I do remember is when I passed Al I've I think it was only out for only a couple seconds I haven't asked how long it was a fourth. But I felt like I was. Waking up from a dream so I thought when I was opening my eyes okay this is just a dream I'm in bed awesome. What a terrible injury let's go watch football but when I open my allies everybody was surrounding me in looking at me in my face. And I looked at him and so what happened. And they said we mean what happen and then it economy again what was what was going on. So at this point ugly throw panic as I passed I don't think they've ever seem he passed out before the injury. So when oh when I figure it was going on here my buddy talking today ambulance and I said to cancel an ambulance and the first thing I said after what happened was chancellor Angela. As I want pay Fernando and discuss expensive. I knew I'd be OK once I once I got my bearings raised so. If you're past doubt if your later in tons of clothes you get very hot very hot so I was sweating site. I felt sick I'm sweating and trying to get my bearings together Psycho cans that. Ambulance. Abuzz that we donate ambiance grameen ambulance and spending listening as the surest and shark just. So give me a glass of water soda glass what is your soda. It's okay. School is trying gather to pieces here and pass to get outside its legacy pressures because fresh air outside. But the ambulance showed up any hint at anyway. Today and it's got there. They say and what happened we explained it and the guy looked at me and I think he's just look at my cut real bank does it stop bleeding and it's likely. It didn't believe for a long time so they checked eight they looked at it in the price of this is that bad. You say it's urgent care you may just be able giving glued to get X now feel pretty come off. The journalists still wants a chance feel how bad I feel I can't feel any pain some like all right this is fine be go to urging care. Now urging care claims they said because I hit I had only car. It's considered a car accident and they don't work on car accident patients. So they semi to the ER. And I'd before I left the sticky just tell me do I really need to go to the ER or can I just put any on this and the woman looked as he is now. Any staples she goes it's a it's pretty bag go to the ER so off the ER leeway. Does happen at 2 o'clock. I want caught 1:52 o'clock gap rounds now. Right TER eights now it's I feel terrible my buddy just want it now my buddy you signed up to watch for boys are giants fans is not missing much. I feel bad so we get through ER. And now I mean the so why it's and the only car I don't dig in and night a year no problem not the case. In input in the hallway where there was a line and now all of it was just full of children and the sport can Muster broke his arm his entire it's selling dope or kill broke his entire left side. He would score green and bloody murder. So that was certainly can actually sent around to surround by screaming children my head is pounding. And I'm waiting and waiting and waiting to finally it's my turn to go. I get my own little. Room there and they said just put your head under the same as the best way we're gonna clean out here heads facilities support ahead on the descent. Jason when you have. A decent sized cut hot water feels a lot hotter going into your head in an open wounds so. I'm going and I mean this thing just bills would like lots of blood. I got pictures oppose the pictures with this blog is a graphic ms. graphics L central's the blood but I'm all OK and this clown like Ari. I'm fine knock and throw up a can pass out I'm gonna. I want my head off I sit down. And that that the dock at the doctor said. You've had stitches or staples for forcing gays as you know the drill estimate they do is they take in the only. Put in the numbing Neil into your your head into your cut the nominal solely. He goes our eight million field some pain it's okay and he's joining does he feel anything. At this point I know I. No problem right wrong wrong wrong wrong so. I'm I'm now non dot. I didn't and he does I think. I think he was nervous cause a wasn't the only things are selling at a portal that Warren just double checks. He has male with a couple more needles and still find so now it's time. With the state it's not really nervous and now I've got I had staples before my thumb. Now this isn't high school a couple of fumbled with a knife when they put before staples in the woman did it numbed me. I did this only 2 in the morning and warming you can tell the woman didn't wanna be your sushi just jammed for staples in my thumb. No no the team nothing it was one of the worst pains I've ever felt nervous I was worried how this is gonna feel. So now this is mortgage real grows of these still whip being squeamish it right because this is the worst part of this let's. One of the worst part there's only two more parts general ban. So he's like are you ready. Somebody. Lines the steeple or out and puke. In there here's the thing it doesn't hurt getting staples doesn't hurt but. This sounds. And the feeling. Is he a lot to deal with imagine hearing so especially where I got the cut its new year might year or aids it's kind of words that the global my ear and up. So you hear. The crunch of the steeple gone like okay. If you cricket knuckles cracked your knuckles right by your ear on your head and it's kinda sound now you hear the crunch. And menus you can like healed a staple go to the scheme and and you could feel your skin pulled together. So from the heat from that feeling the sound all mixed together. It's a lot it's very queasy yeah strong stomach where he can somehow tone that I. It's fine. Well I was OK all right one down he says you get five to one down four to go I can get through. This second staple botched job he got jammed. He pushed it I felt that I felt paying got stocks nicely kind of tugging trying to get the steeple economic head. Rather gaga and so K bank of second bank of the third and banged at the fourth and I want a fourth one. I'm feeling on downfield and feel like I did in the back from. And he goes I think he's solid. And I goes how you feel on and I says I'm all right Nam or eyes said that I think you'll go to pat this is exactly how I said in this quickness at. I'm all right I'm rice in Tokyo Saddam or ice I think I may pass seismic Arriaga I'm gonna pass I think I'm gonna bats out as our right just leaned back greenback. He says just take the brits I stayed with them I didn't pass out I almost said he got real pale there. Lately back. And some land and I'm like I'm OK I'm all right I'm all right he said Wright said it would when he won do he says do you want me did you cope minutes or why you're laying down you want me to point. This last staple in Belmont mine on figure a couple things I want to see the Eagles super. As I want I want to see the Eagles I don't wanna miss a thing. And as soon all right I said just put it in some put it in deepest Inglewood city shares got put down I saccharin to team and it's done. To not try and stand up and their like none around you guys stayed on the nominal hostile we're not with my buddies right can say I'm not here they're gonna. To make Sharma case and they put me on little oxygen. Announced that their thinking I'm I've tried and I talent on my drive in my body Stratton the courage just relax relax though. They get ill take care of and they said I ask when they can come out they said they come out on Monday so I'm not bad right so. Get out get a buddy or we're back we're leaving solicit out by ferries. It in my head worked on so. We make it back. For the party so I go back I only Google go to my buddy's house I figured you know Mike I had I know on modeled there's no way has little screw it feel. I got I had I got a little bit of a minor concussions I'm thinking because I turned on the cat scanned. I sent out you know I've I've hit my had enough times I know not that serious a bright dot minor bell wrong maybe a little concussions it's a little off but. I'm pick him I don't go home by myself just in case anything happens at least I'm surrounded by people. But I don't drink and I didn't drink. Myself round applaud them when so I opened the door and the whole party is looking like. What you are back in the old. Pack a bank you know we're good. So I watched the Eagles to face them. I wish who's gonna happen because of so I quick get excited like I was excited but I quickly yell couldn't scream hit hurt. The very careful watching who thought. I watched him all the Eagles won all happy everything's good now this is the last part of the story that's ropes. Real gross so finally super bulls over. Everybody's grade. Party hard and I say you know on ski in the ongoing home in on likes the Eagles on the OK now the bad happen is gonna go home. So I drive home. And take a shower this is is the last bad part prompts people kind of allied wallboard gross thing in there for you freaks out there so. I go to take a shower and I almost Rula. Because you got to take into account every time on the past now start to pass out. It's well because we got real hot so I put my head under the hot water. It was a mix of dried blood fresh blood. Sweat. Iodine the numbing spray. And late just grows hair smell. And it was just an Al and it metal metallic smell from the staples it all rushed. Down my face to my nose at that smell. Was whole world I came describe how bad it smelled all night and then dumped like with what it was disgusting. And I I so I was like oh my god it's awful this is awful awful lot cleaned up. And that was it sell. That's the story on the next and hello. The next day I go to work out the next day I'm Merle Fuzzy and really Fuzzy in my head is all Fuzzy and you can tell on Fuzzy he. In nerve I've talked to these are your eyes were glossed over real battle Monday they sit there and everything's looking good now. So first to the first day it was real bad and I walked my boss's office in a recent. Are you okay it was like now her. Ish like Marriott that they are a wasn't that guy sell. Things now cleaned up Tyson Foods and knowing. Ice leak. My head paid I sleep with my left year on the pill that's how I like to sleep lacks the kind of slight happily. On my right side on the back of my head so I'm not beaten good sleep because of my go to role. It hurts because if I bought my head orphaned whale my head staples. Push back down. And that hurt says it's real sensitive. The idea it was drive and I went to turn to see if anybody was common and I whacked my hat off they the seat. And decade if push is on staples back inside that's the last gross parts that are so not in good sleep really hear people but. They come out Monday acutely at this point I don't think it's the car anymore it hurts. I think it's just staples Saturday and the worst part is my hair grows incredibly fast and big hair. I need a haircut in the worst way and I'm not to be able to get a haircut now for like two weeks. Because of this I its high real tender punishment put the galleries were over anything. So it's kill me. Because there's at this point there's nothing I can do my hair's just too big Kimberly style or anything so. I look like a gold competitors every night and look like among over but I'm not just like deal. I cannot wait to get the staples outs like Wear a hat at least again. By and on they yelled that's bad is what's happened I was out west are exposed to go to Philadelphia for the prayed. Really want to go but with over a million people there I say you know what that's over a million chances of someone bump and into my head. Tied inning going missed the parade but that's OK I did it idea mine this unit. I saw you know I still part of it and still still happy I got to do everything I did I just can't wait for Monday when stupid things. Come out of my crumbs on.