The Crockett Files: The UFO

Tuesday, July 18th

I swear it was there!   In fact I have proof! 


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He's another fine print stories from one person that can be making in the season it's. I'm probably 10 plus the last night around 11 o'clock I went for a run and got out my house. And I start running and on the street and I looked up into the sky was very cloud it was dark count. And I looked up so what you know we see a bunch of bugs floating. In front of street lamp how that looks sensible to look quite. I thought nothing of it until I realized there's no street lamp on the street I was running on and the moon wasn't out. I can't discuss each story. And then it emerged from the sky almost out of nowhere. Likes. Firm it was it was too low to be clean and it was. Too high to be drone don't know why he's seen. Just a one way late and then the rest relates appeared it was it was creepy it had a blue plate on the right side in a red light on the left side. And then I had to lighten the back into lakes in front swarming like a square weren't circle. And appeared. And I stopped dead in my tracks this parent staying Sony's systems hovering. It was moved in pretty slow and then it disappeared. Morocco and then reappeared. Little bit further down the street. It's. I just staring at some point in my look and got a little worried and started heading up two words. Or Susquehanna River so I am trying to turn and I start sprinting after business and this point now I want to see when I was looking so I start running after. And it disappeared lunch and clowns can't run that saw flashing gang. Ran down the highway flashed him. It's gone it's gone something exciting to winning and slide and sky anymore. Sorry. Online dishonest or get released series and had no I saw something was closest who was gonna come to me tossing and I gotta make it back to the mean streets now moment here. Inside alleyway. So at least discover don't Simi BC media. Grabbed by the FBI and so precise are running as a running our kids not so lights on the buildings and money and we're going out one by one. Housing this general this is it a lot and I called them on my name call and it's not gonna be around. I got home when I finish my Iran and I got home I locked the doors and I just pretended like I didn't see anything. Now all you console in might mess. So yeah I we can raise your Friday from 7 PM Friday 101.