Craig Campbell Q&A

Friday, September 8th

We were lucky enough to have Craig Campbell to stop by our pre show party before the Luke Bryan show at Montage Mountain!   While he stopped by, I was able to ask him a few questions, incudling Garth Brooks, Luke Brayn and more!   Check it out below! 


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I jump or hearing again. It's Crockett three Y. All right guys let's make some noise for Craig Campbell second time the charm to welcome to northeast PA -- -- -- good moment have you been good I noticed the falcons had up there can -- colors I was that the guy we will I don't bring it up very bad memories and -- apps are also great at a good and I didn't eat for week after that has told us that long time ago that if the falcons ever went to the super balls go in the marijuana I even offered up on social media that if anybody had an extra ticket I would come of the house some to have free acoustic show and I guess Luke Soledad he invited me to the Super Bowls and so he got me out of having this thing is rated it's interesting used to play keyboard for -- yet he's put an awfully long time ago back before he had a record deal back before rhetoric could do you know like just gone down due in colleges and wanna. Now when you play keyboard was just you know support you really do X instant kind of eighties style crazy stuff I'm all about amid a self piano to me out of the organ in the sentence thousand dollars to battle among the dividends them strictly a piano player group plan in my church last before I finish this up I promise I base of the ball Garth Brooks get zero or your songs. Has to be very cool grown out of Garth Brooks fan and and him pudding when it yourself. Yeah there was a couple of years ago Garth I got an email sending Garth one actually wanted to record one of my songs that I wrote and at the time that song was going to be -- next album that was supposed to come out with my last record deal that didn't happen so miles Garth wants to record one of the milestones absolute what does that phone call feel like those at first a photo files that it believed that I got another email saying hey Garth wants to change the title to all American kid in the model of the students ears yeah. That I a couple of weeks later got another email cynic dark pools split half and between all American and personalized it that he's getting pretty detailed about this and I guess it's gonna happen and then I met Garth the very first time limit Garth was we would listen to veil the last question have you learned in the dance moves since being on this taller I have full arena C a tonight those who. Now he's a model stage show are you better believe it. Larry got very subtle you have to look very close to pay attention from from start to finish keep McCain out front take away. Or rocket live weekdays Monday through Friday from two to 7 PM on Friday 101.