Thursday, November 30th

There's talk of families starting to charge their relatives for Christmas dinner. Good idea?


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There's a story out of England where families are now charging a Christmas dinner for people to come to your house they're pretty you do you do Thanksgiving at your home yeah. Did you charge any of the relatives now not at all would you consider only for dodge there are different on the line. I had this is years ago when my grandfather passed away they have like this thing up at his house where they analyst group. And you know I like it was my job is there's no roast beef from tennis elbow gets up hum play and I mean obviously. Twelve years old whatever that point my mother then about three weeks later gets a bill from my hands. Which writes down what IE eight for should just watching your guess what I put my dad they were my mom made her sisters and Brothers. All hotel near an incentive for bill and my mother's like are you kidding me you know I this is this is like about seven days. And my dad then calls his sister who's my hands and had a few choice words for her those account last time we were wow saw her for her at that point. But she might have been ahead of the curve she was you know he she was taken out of the box vendors and visionary. So there singer now you can charge anywhere between twenty dollars for Christmas dinner to relatives up to fifty dollars is what they're doing now would you consider doing as anybody your family. Now I really can't see myself trying to pull that out even as a joke I don't think that would be able holding firm. Certain amount of time there are your parents introduce here I'm I'm Carrie BAB minus against her hair that is Tricia.