Thursday, January 25th


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His RO what's going on are very. Well I'd I'd you know I've always wanted to talk to you because I listen to I think it was COLT cabana is podcast you were on. While I don't know I had so many adjusting questions of such a fascinating interview. Well thank you very much important two poor what had been ordered six years ago so you put. Subdural without the boat person but it really nagging USA they. Are because but the big thing lies. How you became a citizen here is till you hear from Sweden and it's like a lottery right is that what am I get right. Yeah he possibly a little injuries simply they're the green card lottery where the United States gave out all problem I think your daughter found the green card. Every year and I'm deep background like a lot but it we think about all the people who wanna come United States. It's actually not that maybe it's about you know like very little poor country. And at certain countries gave I think more involved in content it can apply and down. Then that would curriculum I think that the subject let's band. The what happen if you just trendy new information. Any good looking out you get paid like a lottery just gives you. Yeah so I got picked but then we need to get picked. That's the person that bright col Bert that we can get very religious I think people like if I can check on the all over the media media employable they're bothered by the time percent chance. So I got it and then what do you do it and yet it can and all in all the information college. I don't know where you work what he went in school you're background information criminal record. We you have long I don't everything you know respect yeah. The most thorough background check ever you have to go I have to give blog I've ever you are cluttered a light at technical everything you know. It's a very general call this an an arms. One subtle problems back but I did you have to go to the U record between. And down you have to do like Obama Mon interview with them the person there and then Adam. On top of that you'll have to prove Devin you moved to the United States that he did you have it's also over here. That one can help you get a job and all of the order the enough money saved up. That you can essentially. Start your life what would you say that you don't go over the United States and apply for a. In order so today so it actually did they throttled on April crawl that they strong apology tellem. It when they see like what job are you gonna go free time yeah pro wrestler. Well no because need I. I I don't want to say though that I like. You know committees in a year or so while my own. And then of course I had I mean I haven't got a proper medications like you have got the job wherever I wanted to work or job jump in Europe. Or what three years and I'm not you know I just. Lucky for me united open directly pretty good and never looked back. Now that went down I can't imagine that interview has to be kind of intimidating I'd imagine. It Larry David yeah code first you spend it all electric etiquette that really thorough background check like. There's nothing right light and an act you have to go to Buick that was the and I put. Very humiliating and or like that was before nine elevenths you know so it's like. They executed a lot of cold now what the union high I didn't you know like. You drive up and it lets you target search like everything you know like on the knee but the trumpet everything you can search. You walk in there and just sit there and and you go and get interviewed him just click so what you wanna do it. Why do you want degree taught why should it be you you don't just say. All that well like when would you move because they don't want to give it to somebody who just want to go to United States for vacation Zoellick. It's. Intimidating but luckily for me it all go out and I think that actually a big advocate all record lottery because they'll think. It's a really great way to diversified United States to bring call upon and. In the interview. Did you did you tell them that you know you're pro wrestler or did you say you know like you say you have a school background would you go with that. And it can be as it is China won't have a go I don't. Exactly remember. They expect even came up because I think it's reporter mode. That he who beat that do not let the public come over here and then you know I have to rely on government held. But I think it's thought it. I would be a problem enough regard. And morphed more so happy to have you here in the United States yep that's awesome career and at all and I mean there's just so many questions at limited times a one H I get all the good ones and that nasty teeth injury you had you your teeth went into your mouth like. They went up if you're all stakes is that's lagging discredit and I saw that back in November you still couldn't she won a thing. The issue at least now. Well yelling double what what what happened here or what program if you had just listening I asked him. Getting thrown into the corner. And I hate multiple medal their local post but my peace and they went straight up my gone. To Portland I was actually about seat of four millimeters. So that was deputy papal. But there to the next Big Apple won't back down and racist then there's the old replace certain part of the ball. I was actually able to eat. By the next date I just couldn't have anything caught up front seat and sounds. I joked now I can eat the ball who did not from key but I thought to be careful to go to bill. It if it is not like popping cold and they're what is sensitive to that pressure. So what are you wait when they. Paul and down this gives me chills up but. Yeah. Well harm typical short I got nominated them goodbye and I'll. You know like date April. They give me shot with them through go to the Coleman yeah shot like numbing shot in my mouth. What about that in critical industry I think all I I think all week because you displayed error and wait that it wouldn't happen our order for a minute brawl that saw a critically. A so my my and my other big question before we talk about wrestling. I like coffee I've really gotten into coffee and I know you're huge huge coffee advocate. Yeah what makes a good couple coffee. Off an immediate thought about it being all about the precious. I'm not a big fan of espresso McCain achieve it caught Otto which is how equal amount of espresso and being milk. Whether open just like straight espresso or. This straight call Felix of the copy. It's just. To me that when I was I didn't really strict and I still do that coffee as a way to enjoy. Different cultures different cities. I'm different pay you know we're gonna Jimenez helped him all the way. So how do you take self first. I like on big fan of espresso I always put a shot espresso even have on skip regular coffee if I had the option put espresso when it. I'll put it in their but I like my coffee black how do you take your call through. Just straight we just put a stop in if you like your ruling that the integrity of the coffee. Yeah I sometimes a little bit of the pick that it's whose strong but well actually well. But yeah like I definitely enjoy that it would take the call be it upon you white people express sewing your call we. I think it gives me a little bit more of a perk. You know get you expressed so I'd like caffeine in it than regular fill the call it. We'll see then that I'm being told lies by then at the corporate cup of coffee chains because they caught a terrible shot. Yet so what happened is because it spread so actually get. So on a regular political beat the Watergate still could be the copyright so reader speed it extract. More caffeine but a little bit more bitterness who dwell on their espresso shot he gave this being your pressure fluid so either extract. More flavor but a little bit let them express those so you you take that shot but it doesn't necessarily give you more caffeine and. With all these abolished podcast that you'll usually I just the coffee. Podcast. I guess I I I would listen to it. All right so let's get into alt. Now the question when you're on the road let's say you're on the road you don't have time to go to a decent coffee shop. Where do you go worst like. What I noted it at all these are books stuck I get overshadowed here yet. How are let's get this a muscle and talk or look like if deemed out. We it's Seamus would you say he's the best tag team partner you've had. It's a question about because I. Some really good back orders you know like for example I gave who I'm still really really good friends with. And I'll I'll make you say you know it. I'm ready your friend who chambers now and that we act in most fun. I got probably the most well on in my career so. From the longevity is that important at that position. It's funny because when you watched the right along when you watch backstage. Segment it seems like you and you could see it as just butt heads the entire time it seems like you you get on his nerves. Well admit it to be straight up just how we did think if you want trial what you watch anything. That he seemed like backstage interview that how we are 24 hours we just we just keep each other constantly I get on his nerves or like. Well I would take it over their psyche that he he's late but does what Brothers do and that we had a great plot and it all all of. On knowing you're Tyson Kidd. Was a little weird the whole cat thing he seems like he's really into his cats. Sorbonne is so it just yeah well perfectly so it's easier to tell guys. I've got guys well see that's real me me speech written idea Old Trafford. Yeah I did I get they kill me on my radio show because like cats on the cat guy I have always had giant oil arbitrator. What kind of cat you have. Have. They're happy to about eight years old and I actually just that now they're. A big vehicle with three weeks old so he could begin about it is we chose. What is what is the names. Well what do old clout with the big one and belittle what it's called me. Snitch. Nate like prepared dismay from all of its there on your Harry Potter fan until. Well there are important books all the language for the first time and in little capital lark I figured that are great that cricket very. Very yachts you guys are coming to town to morrow night you know you're wrestling yet. Well I am. I don't know I don't know obviously going to be ineffective match and day in 08 if there was reportedly got married at. Well it's 730 tickets are still available if you get knocked the ball on the floor at Ticketmaster dot com. And down it's going to be a great show because the royal rumble is on somebody that you can watch on the WB network. And we all wanna get in the best shape and fine tune everything all that well rumble and of course reaching its gonna get a chance that we are not that these championships back. So I'm books there's going to be a prime prime city a prime arena prime show world you can get all like. All the multi sort and of course all the spirit the goodies superstar but to beat their Roman rains bonds' stroman. Except lowland. The club that valor and most importantly. The ball or trade with the good. Before I let you gal who is your favorite royal rumble winner. Who. Who knew how well look at you feel about Britain and rural balloon and just because. You know I would say. Shape and it got out of there are feared that ha ha. Excellent thank you so much we'll see you tomorrow night thanks for join shall give me some coffee tips. Know what are they Wear what other dog tomorrow that you can learn about.