Audio Extra: Hallo-Weak House

Wednesday, November 1st

Crockett's house looked weak this Halloween but its not his fault! 


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The Nadia likes drew Crockett. Exclusively on Friday 101 that town they guys its track. Star colonies audio extras just. Some things that pop into mind or you don't so. A little pull the curtain back if you will. I'm not supposed to talk that long on the air you know they say crack they did they say truck hit you or a compliment to the music I am like. Pepper on a salad you don't want too much but you would just enough to compliment. The salad made so unlike unlike the pepper two year music's anyway sometimes I can't go completely into depth all my stories but today. I told a story about the trick or treating my house on my block. I've never had triggered traders come out never not once never. I think in the I think that would in my apartment now five years five years no stricker traders I think maybe I've got one. So this year I said I'm not by McCain I by the candy every year and I am to be in the whole bag feeling a fat slobs this year I said not to limit for gay. So uncommon home last night was Halloween I'm coming home and I'm. Have been home like they usually do and all of a sudden all the sudden I see. Hundreds well hundreds is a lot but I. At least fifty kids might street and the overall cheer and yell and I said let's go a year. Where did these kids come from. I have no candy I had the in my porch light on site at least C White House like it now's I'd be shut the place Dallas Fort Knox on walking the placed downturn lights up. Because it's gonna kill me when I hear. Mr. Open up. Or hungry. Where's the candy and I'm going to be that weird guy it's like a guy thing here take some toothpaste and and heard some vitamins so I shut down I leave the house now. I think I've discovered. Where the the problem came for ward where that your country's came from. I've got new neighbors no question they moved last year but my guess is they're things were still not unpacked so this year. They went all out for Halloween I couldn't believe October 1 they had. It's relative I mean it looks it's like I'm living next Chevy Chase of Halloween I can't believe it and. Last night they had a project or played Halloween movies on the cider house in the church does come I never see it like it. So all all all Halloween season people but drive them by taking pictures of the house. An all better and all I admiral Mike port is rotting pumpkin. Sell it to guide the guys making me look bad. I mean that would that big no but now I got this dead pumped it on my heart and my step in this guy's got the Taj Mahal next door. So I think what apple has always people Saul. My neighbor and then my other neighbor started decorating was not wants to be like the the lonely guy on the totem pole. On the lonely on the guy Obama told Paul getting crushed here so I think that is where. The trigger traders came from they wanted to go see this house and I mean my neighbors he's got I'll elaborate costumes at the pigs the nightmare before. On Christmas is that what is with that. Jack skeleton guy he is the he's got a costume I've seen the movie once when I first came out so forgive me. But it's like the ghost in the knapsack if that makes sense we'll he's got that Costa I mean. And unbelievable I got a tip my hack that a guy. But now this means next year I have to actually decorate my house as the by the Kimi and I had to do trick or treating. I don't know. I don't know what these guys can do for I'm not I'm not decorating for Thanksgiving I do decorate for Christmas but on the inside the house because I don't have electrical outlet. Outside maybe. Colleges who may just plug in his house and use his outdoor electric electricity it out to decorate my house.