Audio Extra: Crockett's Temper Tantrum

Wednesday, November 8th


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Nadia likes drew Crockett. Exclusively on Friday 101 that town. The old saying goes it but wasn't for bad luck would have no luck and on and that was the case. Last night so last night I was excited for two years two years I've only. ESPN has a documentary series called thirty for thirty in the third mini documentaries. About sports in two years ago they announced. Legendary hall of fame. Pro wrestler Ric Flair would have a thirty for thirty and little by little details came out and I got so excited my buddy Mike and I. We talked about we couldn't wait and then I kept getting delayed and push back and push back and push back and finally see you know what. We're gonna release it it's gonna air ESPN. November 7 and I said man and not miss this I'm so excited to see this I started seeing trailers like all and dot. Then I realized. Yesterday. I don't keep ESPN IR refused to pay. For extra channels especially of ES PS that they used king used to be free. Used just did it when you bag cable and now they say well sorry you are paying pictured fifty bucks just add three extra channels as it gets right. So on a rack my brain out tonight. I don't watch his documentary like how can I see is virtually documentary of wait two years for and then its economy casino what. If I watched the documentary I'm gonna miss working out anyway. So let's all go to planet fitness hop a go to planet fitness big hideous PM I'll get to watch it for free like work now. It is an hourlong documentary I'm gonna get a full hour work I said man this plan. Is dynamite it's bulletproof pummel excite and asked the doctor income Timor around 107 easy gyms can become an empty perfect. So like Iraq I'd surround a house a decent shore is against decent clean and eat some dinner and panicky dress them break for the jet typed it dressed up. A workout clothes on film had the planet fitness opened planet fitness to war on ready to go and what do I see. Every single on my joke in every single TV. Is off all of the bar that hangs above the treadmills every single. One. They must begin new TVs or something but there wasn't a single TV in the gym. And I stopped and stared ahead and I said you've got to be kidding me. By playing bill whole reason I'm here is still watching it it's still watch television. I'm stand Campbell Kim. So icy to TV's very very and the estimated there are on so I walked on the end the gym and they're both turned off to get right to be taken down and said. This is stupid. Al first second I thought about leaving the gym just turn around and walking out and I said. Well that's stupid because analogy you're here you're in your workout clothes in my eyes will work out also said it would price looked really weird if I walked in. Walked into the gym in the in the pages walked out and act guys got really bad workout routine just walks in the gym walks out. But realistically it would just been me throwing a temper tantrum because adding get my way. But I will tell and as I walked round planet fitness and I'd howled like a baby I was so now I just kept look at me shake my head him I can't believe that's. I got home. I took my shower and a one right to bed and I still haven't seen the documentary. You tell I'm still throwing a temper tantrum.