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Wednesday, August 3rd

Another Episode of the Crockett Cast! 

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And I mean in truth this for the that has to be there's always have you know like we have music but would. Think tag line like I don't have like the voice schedule in its third rock. And so up there. Welcome to the Crockett cast. I am fine Crockett as you'll know this might have we kill how he and Mike Walsh Michael White weighty Walsh would have a call to remain in self interest. We are here and of course nobody brings anything to the table now though you didn't I brought something that I've got some stuff maybe I don't know. I have life issues to talk about those that it. Also we are lineup today have issues to talk about we live today you can call the Truckee cast 105701013. Is the Crockett cast number today. So we will be able to take phone calls that you've got problems you got issues. Whenever you talk about lines are opus you can call we put John crock guest. But I will kick off of past problems that I didn't. All where to relieve off last week with my car if you drink. Snow tires at tires on Atlanta's if you just joined in last week. Pat here said that he needed for exact used tires Ross is car when and more time what was keenly fought on the. My quest to get my car inspected the I so I get lucky Ali on this little tiles. You wanna know that's the point the point is I need to buy seats sport tires similar caliber and an iconic and it was a great. 140 dollars not too bad. Think Kerry said Saturday but on. So. I got an oil change shortly after or before that and right after a duo changed. In light came on had some issues with that started idling phonies are and make this weird noises don't like it when I finally went in my inspection. On the check it out to call on Friday. And telling me that I needed new engine. So it went from the car was just need tires. Now the car needs and and Jia brand new international 3500 dollars on it. Of the big quagmire the situation and you're saying at the white he suggested just buying an engine off you go by engines off TV on the practice court cause. They'll ship or if I want as well hired as a free shipping. Ship an engine for free that's really high dollar salary. You don't think about it soul save something for a hundred dollars you get free shipping. Get right the shavings like ten dollars save some for toddler dollars a shipments a hundred bucks free and you get a free it's all percentages it's 10% no opinion just deliver that to you one and make sure you mechanics Kuwait and shipping an engine to home I mean I'm sure we're calling them that's like going to. A Burger King you bring your own Mea culpa. Yeah I mean there's still an unpaid labor and they're gonna make warmly get an award for binding is still gonna cost a lot of money get than an elite guy like I am sure they ran and I'm sure they can find in engine somewhere for you on an emergency car. And training and in good looking for new car but. I took a for a second piece in the same thing something happened within the engines symptoms and the broken valve train or something like that I think dissolve this all sound a little shady back. It's not because I can discern or west on. She's vocalize says go to Harry's you pull. I would begin these 1000005 dollars and announce that it petrified I got to feed going also Carlos Leon. Crock tonight's July it was cool yeah. See this earlier market. If they are watching the live feed myself yes. Renewed. But the watch. Those nineteen people come on the quest for new car is trying to downer today in. What he had to pick me up. That's were lower my polemic team in soap told me. All right five burial you know what's going on some 530 on the dot I text only paid union in near writer know. He's like no picket Le Carr now just you guys up there so I'm driving all the way up on the bypass this morning meal is all man. Total flight to get my car Mike aren't all picky out smiling static kill some time as it took him to finally type value and a pick me up in my house. So I drove down the pits them bypass helping around they needed to planes by curly cream and then all the way down before I got back to acts that are currently cream that killed half hour drive around Wayne for me to answer whether creator writer and yeah we have trend cars around me we have a phone call now this could be someone looking to request a song. Or it could be the cut cancer and we'll see if this has happened in front of one. Yeah graphic yeah he had. There is little sister. Can give me the phone number for apple. Performing arts or whatever. Raw material and set they'll find afoot here and apply or perform any any chance are you in mechanic. Yes. I have done plumbing. Yeah. Allow the lead that's not solve our Clark promised and what. So my buddy here egos to get his car inspected a talent he needs for the same tires the pass was there to do that sounds a little if you begin. It gets the tires and that they Tommy needs a new engine. I. I took it for a second opinion and I consensus is the same there's something wrong internally with the engine. And I don't know basic. Car police posts until the cheese on either court all you're on the Crockett cast by the way. I'm. Army air and on the air in the holy fire. On the on the podcast iPod I think this is the number if you wanna take it down your. 866. 71. 8129222. 922. Sets up the right one call back you'll feel more our market guy named it could do your car. That my cars RT it's it's done over at them dominant treated and we're gonna go from there thank you very much I appreciate it thanks for this yeah. What NL a fun number Allah. Out of the for the battle at seven point lead you don't have to. I mean it's I. From what I gather that's their total number it is a business owner very good message I'll free plug that's the number for the about the woods center for the illness for people who did a but we live like recently or in the first vocal input across you and it's often very well he's probably start a it happens and you look that's the exciting part alive podcasting yet. So. Let's see because you guys are having him ready. During yell let's go with a terrible idea that Disney has. The boy Disney gets deep patented take pictures of people's feet. One that's creepy ray Disney has received a patent to take pictures of visitors beat the beat at fifteen part. Pretty much what they do is you go and and you put your feet and the miss this machine and it's danger shoes yeah it and put your shoes and a databank. And and every right you go to its ski injury issues who keeps track of where you war. What rides are all right you've done. Are they doing this to see what's the most popular thing in their park just I'm. Even after the tickets so I think it's more of tracking thing yeah cause if you remember I want podcasting was to beware of the wrist band. Yeah and you ski in the wrist injury you go in the hat is scant detail yeah this automatically does it's a dirt tracking you the entitled like I had. Homeowner advocate does that little 'cause of what happens when the the government starts using an airport he's probably aren't they are everywhere I go in the and then it'll all those match you step on to get the door to slide open it again pressures that after all it is yeah he's so why it technology is already there are obvious I don't I had at all. And out on the big conspiracy theory guy and I don't like the sounds a vigil at night when I read that bigotry she knew I was like this this is no good for nobody yeah because I mean so what Disney claims though is with the wrist band Mike my husband's a big Disney freaky goes needlessly because they track what you do. Any kind of catered this state Nicholas what you like to do that you contractor. Movements via and they get checked if you're of good it may spike they reward like good. All goers and bat on goers they. It'll rewards of this is like kinda easier thing you ought to get the respect you just skiing issues but yeah. Then I was and so is the same size and style shoot right and what happened to hire a freak as a foot fetish that's another thing little weird you end up having like Disney feet dot com yeah it's a yeah I had this isn't as we know you have that extra money. I'm sure Disney has enough money although they have to pay her. Hours sedan which I did not Utley in New Orleans. It makes the horse got to give it the first original three yet at this he knows why this was not even know I'm not you know an hour now this one was bad it is on was not a good source. You're from the people that didn't have a lot of interest in seeing at the orally vested in it. I heard the same reaction that you. Was arrested and I'm honest hour's guy. And I was upset because they catered too much in new fan. They catered too much in the stout genetic cater to the story. Because it can't cater to everybody became a Star Wars in the lord this one was like oh look we're gonna just make a bunch of lame jokes. We're gonna tell Wayne story and we're gonna bring Bakalar for your characters so we get a big clocked in ads that I went four and went for the story on from lower. I did see the elm. Broke one trailer. A couple of I went through movie couple weeks trailer for I don't know if it's oh no oil excellent yeah looks cool Alan as your husband's side story like the main that's why this I'd like to see that as well the size stores will be better. Also I will say this to be fair. I didn't have like the main spoiler. Roland Fareed did they of them yeah. Someone later went on a Foreman silly it was like some of Eagles like clicked it. And it was the spoiler is always still layman oh yeah I admire metaphor of life it was like the big like all know moment I was like. And like all movie like I kind of like knew what was gonna happen that may have. Doubt the movie the little movie about death trend are that he's no longer kaine Indiana. And assessments and there and the movie list so there's a Nintendo 64 game yeah he was one the characters and took in place between. It took place during empire and between return is the main protagonist. And they follows start real apology made it work in now at Disney Nancy in no longer exists whether they're too busy to be his feet. This creepy in Armenia. Pete Peterson chicken and you promise you at man and he gets mad men and Fred Francis get a new car. Go to performance Kia was that getting her friends you learn from here yet is take a look at for the free got the point that the cheap ones there could. So. ST enterprise auto group incorporated next Grammy enhancements cars over there and Michael do when there. What. I'm aware that it doesn't affect. Me but yes I have. Really TDC I'm Arnold your share of VH one classic but they got rid of it and they switched it to MTV classic. I want as much a little bit of yes you'll react. A special cable channel forests are you know so I won't give it. I feel what the channel has its HD channel wish comics from around. But I guess for all those old shows you don't need each anyways. But they have like old episodes of unplugged and unplugged marathon. Watch in the house in China without those very cool. And they started it all out though I thought the Z concept. They took the first broadcast from the original 1981 broadcast. A rebroadcast it as the launch of the stations and TV classic was the first hour of them TV. I was in the. It's me but I mean is how long is second leg I could that should be on MTV like that a nighttime hill but that I'd watch but I'm not gonna go you will I lied again as a niche audience here that reminds me of like being a teenager. On my computer on and I am watching you know reruns of the road rules and real world speaking of what she thinks that like that. Then transition there. Study binge Washington. Stand vigil watching TV can kill you. What what the mind why people are clients that is not do much shot but she too much television might kill you according to any sort study rather extensive Japanese research. Down big watching in front of the tube for hours and raise the risk of dying from a blood clot. In the long legs grew on I believe that the Japanese study found the risk of fatal blood clot increased by 40% for every extra two hours of TV watching. Per day the study followed 86000 people for thirty years really so they. Thirty years ago or you did what you thirty odd how did you see this as tapes at Campbell said they want to tunnels as the research is a scientist that warned that such Chavis. Watching back to back episodes TV series may be dangers they said to get up and move round drink some water in between last night I binge watched. The entire series of stranger things yeah that it's a brand new Netflix it's outside of guns and was that the one season hit eight episodes. I watched all eight yesterday didn't move off the couch and a Chinese food I may have a blood clot. I do that on every dale I and one when I got our work I go home if I don't come here. And I alien bad. For home 5 o'clock until. 6:30 in the morning. And I never move. I feel like I have you can destined for public so nobody but it. So we're gonna throw out there guys what to call and you call a live 105701013. If you binge watch to Arnold you've been watching we went in though. What you binge watch or. I actually need a sub the so I've been watched. Always sunny I've watched that season three times yeah I've watched the office parks and rest three times and I've been watched. Arrested Development price ten times I try 30 Rock I do not like thirty brilliant and not care for self. I I have last thousand our house watching a stranger things that'll last me for I watched all when shots and now. Now I'm up again but I like comedy goes totally twin peaks. Yet that's that's very similar give twin peak shot it's cool because they shot it's like brainy series they shot it. Very retro style would you feel if you're watching an eighty's like. Everything is like and like I kept checking like the sound track this year they're fought in the right here they were on with everything else is really cool book. I was so fired its start again. Lane for me a guy like him so one through 45. Was RAI opposite section ER no what's happening. And then I found out why thought it was going to be like an ongoing show it was going to be in new tale yeah every now they're just continuing. The first season which you know it they made it seem like during the tele. Almost like American war story changes every translated gives regulars begin new tale one that supports the X-Files pro. Do there's so many of Verizon X-Files. I want Sean might see here in college I I had Netflix and will actually my roommate and Netflix and decide to stop paying for. Sowell. We have cable or anything. So I would have Whitey and I saw the box and the first season the X-Files and watched that Alec and watch one episode every day. Why it. There are like now Lyon county get tired of fall asleep. So I've fallen asleep in the middle wake up my dear old confused and kind of scared after trying to figure out who's going on soil ever made it through the first season now. Candace on. FaceBook users every year every. Analysts. Had tightening air here but the Walking Dead. Can I do not watch I never seen one episode all parts of episodes get easier in college it was the second season all my arm it's washed it's all I got through pretty happy. First first season at six episodes give that a shot if you like that you like the rest its first season I I don't like zombie stuff like yeah I I'd like I like. The original dawn of the dead like did it dated debt limit her movies evil dead things again but now that some movies like there's so much crap about like you'll all three episodes in if you really like you and if you don't ease. A large thrust you know him. I think it's and I still watch it isn't over. Now I don't know the season's over for this year starts in October that I'd like gangsta wanna I don't yet. Of course that she binge watches 24. Into it's that it isn't. Is that the want her election like to show what we showed the clock in a way to Susan G now Jack. To achieve something big Colin says. Does that show take place in one day. Or is just one hour of the day every episode. Yeah because it's the point where like I always thought it was it was like this guys just run around for twenty for hours straight Cosmo all sorts I have occasionally try to fix stuff for little boy koehlke get them much accomplished and I. Like burn notice heroic burn notice and honestly Campbell show that was I used to like every day as guest stars are penalized and he was a main character he was a main character like couple seasons are a good majority of it. As Revver was always big deal to come back. Or she. Okay. So the whole series is one day no I thought each episode one day each episode is one day there's like. I thought it was 2.4 minutes will eat that I have a heck. Happened that would be held bag show. I think beating their whole series is every season one day. And the and the whole series a week because there's only thing ways I think she's and the so is Tony for a calls with colleagues as wage well it's one hour. Each week the 24 hour day each show is one hour yeah what does that mean yes it is it like what he says. At the completely Canada's Arctic national police is this likely force not on it is important that we don't. I'll wait for responses with Alan Alan Young confuse wasn't something we Kiefer Sutherland the star where column. Hugh is under contract where he couldn't appear in movies for like two decades. Yeah. And that and that's how like it that show was how he got around there. Until it can be in movies again. I think there's something like something crazy it seems little that I know that whole Powell a look at upon women here that doesn't sound. Sound right. I've been watching a couple of shows but when you went in much and well you can now yeah I like binge watch idol he never seen Rollins shale three seasons of that. Went to catch up a binge binge watched Doctor Who. Watched the Yemen there have been lodged. Once upon thanks mirrored. What is I'll Arrested Development it's development screeched. Art and not burn notice breaking bad never seen that I wash and a week. I agree. I tried. I tried to Obama. Get into sun's anarchy and I got eye disease I got disease a five. And I just thought logically eight CI got hooked into that show yeah I hardly get dialect and like I like more cycles or anything but by the end of the actual man is wanna. Delighted by accident it didn't I didn't say no when I get a bite. I did nothing gonna join the gang now The Sopranos. Elects that that was an awesome jets great show. You figure out your mystery it still can not truly is no way I'm totally the cubs that's true boy it. There's two Sutherland is all right there's Kiefer and his brother. Rick. Now I know they are unknown but they got me that all the picture. You mean that may you know it is just keep yourself. All I know is that guy and stand by me. Muscle there's something weird about his career and there are only had the skin was damn I mean. Mean. I don't know. Yeah enough in here and he really brought the conversation to his scratching holes you can keep it for you oh and all of Obama. Megan stories of a design won't tell you there's something weird with his career record and a better. About a fact would have been that more for years was cowboy Curtis and Peewee Herman spoil her. I didn't realize until after like six years after the majors a protest when accredited. We are. So I found out this today. Is a bass pro fishing shop Memphis Tennessee while really you know than it has a 100 is this a best pro fishing show up. 103. Room hotel. Which treehouse cabins is 600000. Gallon aquarium a swap any with alligators. It's 248 stories taught you go to the top and walk around the outside and get entire. U of Memphis Tennessee and has to restaurants and. On this one casino that's shaped like a pyramid. Like one of the biggest in the world to. In Las Vegas probably. Be top ten and now. It's a faction that until yeah you're still a digital fill up your keep from Toronto keep persona and just drop that at some analysts I'm. What do you think. There's something we Q is it probably won't hear me. One in pelican Abdul Peerman when did you ever change and aliens yeah. It shows all BS problem. Yes I need someone broke down only explain the whole show wishes but it sure is a theory they'll how they bill the the pyramid really healed now. Some guys some guys this I know some guy in Florida. I'll build this gigantic rock garden and don't know is how he built it. All no one's sure how I did like himself and he says that he cracked the code how. The our peer miserable using like. Alone like reverse levitate short magnets and stuff. Is great episode our effort. Big huge giant logs because there's trees still around that time they just. Larry he's been on and Macedonia. Just like Easter Island you'll for years now this big heads keep it I don't know I wanna get from an area that just buried the bodies and I can. Call me a virus already not want to believe I mean Molly it's that there's a giant body under but like no one ever thought like. Let's keep digging down all those years like. Between the data the rains come I don't I don't routinely and aliens well just weird alien that's why them maybe but I mean. Aging yelling to Hollywood hair is it despite a slight delay call look at this it's a perfect ninety degree angle you tell me how they cure that. And a guy like pausing is like this is a ninety degree angle that you get obviously and like. Like they try like he's like look all the blocks like a perfectly or perfectly designed. The guys that are not like they're not even close and like that's trial is her beliefs came in penalties paper between UK and I could well it's not trashy guy he's he's ailing people. One at least so bad that they will just spew their ice say oddly you know somebody out there. I was alien and that via I'm get got to leave. And I mean I'll I think the thing we Kiefer Sutherland well he did I can good movie. Pretend you stick it way and that he was banned from movies with my kids that isn't what's going on TV and turn when he turned to ten turned to bad movies. Yeah. Well. I did finally do as little as I MTV. Annoyed it didn't want all the Arizona renegade elements that. Really into television ten years I don't know. Can we cut the size of the public now. And I and another writer here obsession with key for some land whenever when is the idea spell that. TI EE EF ER so Crystal Pepsi back I finally found it does it taste so here's the thing in. It's because I feel like a lot of people thought it was balls tees like normal is supposed to clear it's not. Now in the ninety's it was is to own distinct flavor you sure it's a mild whole flavor no caffeine. Mostly is sparkling want additional flavor and a. Yet we leave our senior a 100% sure factual I don't doubt that. 100% sure here's here's the problem it says a clear call on the bottle. It tastes like Pepsi. I think the prom is your brain is so used to drinking Pepsi yeah it because it's clear. You wanted to pay cycle on the line to your mind such tricking in what the flavor is that's what kept them the card right. As a guessing he secrecy but it's not yet so what I wanna do I want a blind for myself and see if I get telling difference then between Crystal Pepsi. It does he's almost like a that's kinda that's kind of how it's described from the ninety's yeah you drink so much soda that's. To like go Burks cola you told. Burch called. Boy yet has it has that white birch beer and it's kind of like okay this this is it it really does taste like. Clear perhaps it's weird it's like watered down Pepsi to tell what are definitely see that ice melts it and now you know now I will not. Agreed that. And I drank one last night in a last night. Now is this one to have caffeine here is caffeine version I had about laundry and in bison and wants them. It's so you wanna try we know the avoca. Convenient as answering karma got a hand to forehead or buy one get one for an odd dollars or Tennessee the Pepsi and work at home where is that Crystal Pepsi. We got we got is content it's it's why I mean. I'm glad I try to buy I don't think you'll stick Ralph long even if they just didn't like the summer drink that be cool yet. But Perry like that's what happened in the ninety's no really liked it right so they got rid of it I think I think they would just made it you know. Have Selig it was actually patsy but united clear or dark it would've done better. Mean was your when you get a pass you're expecting a Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi there or not but they don't advertise it. As its own strength issue is clear Pepsi yeah it is silly all odds is there's a difference or something like an attack like feeling you know. Or you know not as intense. You know also got a response about 24 here each episode is one. One hour at this season is the whole day to each season is just one day OK okay that's pretty cool never excel today that's very suspenseful. How does he get away with no sleep I need at least in our assets okay maybe there's a wall and time where he goes to sleep. He. I don't know. Season 24 episode just declared himself yet actually asked the question and I'll seasons where for out 2.4 at this are you sure I'm hundreds in Oslo now. At all area. Asked him. Your pocket. Each season slave four episodes it has to be. And it. Yeah sixteen I hit it our party back checkered too which is the annoying part is he's just making things up and it's like me. No they plan to normal throughout the first the first light show we ever do wage is lying to everybody yeah. Different episodes every Saturday. I date now. And believe now in India and they started this national reasonably tolerant yes yes. While. He had drinking. They sale eat in new study shows that music. It helps you enjoy your beer even more no way. It three different groups taste under taste of beer under different conditions. What was it a label bottled almost label bottle and the last one. Was labeled bottle while listen to a particular song by the band. Third group like it best by far while the other knew the song. Obama knows that was treated as third group like the best by far while those who already knew the song like the beer even more. OK so. People that or listen to beer drinking a beer and listening to a song they knew like their beer the best there that was all the same. It just makes sense it makes a couple of Julie Warner brings is also that that's study that you know if you give someone nonalcoholic beer at a party and people reopened the group with a non alcohol it's. Pierce will act justice drunk. Really I don't think I would. I think I'd be drink they're all on the and I can't and don't tiles and the big college kids at the nonalcoholic beer. And just as strong as the ones that are drawn now are they fresh college kids that don't really know different song I don't fix it they've had to be 21 to do disservice. Ali yeah I guess sounds on the prime not. You know. I just feel like yeah is affect me. You know because there's ice won all be at the bar drinking a black man I die I just can't catch a buzz Tamara how much I drink you know I think I think it's like the party environment. Maybe Gary please don't don't tell in the granular at all and I'm like Hillary we went now and I didn't feel anything I mean we only had a couple Beers so. But those who I think also we retired. That's your arms are exhausted on senator. Them my standard join the chat and talked in the month of the year. And edging towards thirty minutes if you guys have nothing else about rate wrap it up palms. No then we get anything cool going on this weekend. Oh I'm gonna be in a dunk tank on Friday don't think there's a church bazaar going on Friday and I and so I I feel I feel really bad though. Because awhile ago this does not reached out to be sent listen. I don't I don't think really not you know they put in charge certain things I really need a celebrity can yeah he's you don't think I. As what they should set August 6 I said I keep that that Starr's birthday yeah. She's able we have Friday or Sunday and I said let me do the Sunday. Our iron to be home on Saturday or Sunday yeah so I just realized this so first until the girl she'd come in Thursday. To be on my show the plug from Gloria. I'm not here to us. Apologies then I didn't telescope today not only could she not comment Thursday but I can't make it Sunday yeah and I had to go Friday. Which I was part of Friday's better not you know yeah he's gonna come at all Friday we'll talk that she return of fire segment to be there on Sunday followed Jesus cell. I'm not ABC this church bizarre and I don't have the church is our information on right now yeah I'm there Friday night not Sunday. Where is this church bazaar. Info is someone who hits and no dogs or some someone opened the custom hold on life. One thing. Lottery searched this episode. Yeah now we really. Or almost. Wish someone would call and yeah. Okay. Pretty good then and the the saint Mary. Buys and team cafeteria hasn't seen Byzantine that it out behind the general hospital. Yes. That that's where I'm going to be Don gum. About dunk as she's gonna be here Friday explain more news this is just kind of the free plug for what. Welcome for Jesus. You know I will be there so. Successful did you wanna call and fortunately it's. Colin patient and call backs I think they got the number right now so are successful there actually we ship employee in this the whole time late to keep reiterating that yeah we were alive way under 5701 military general Colin board authorities were gonna do now from live for now on. TK and Colin. You can. You know it you got problems US thought about. We do that lead to everyone we don't care and that would integrate voice is it's an open forum I mean he had a bad day Colin how we don't care but let's hear about India. Luna. We're we're just a we have to shoot in new video tomorrow. Issued a video every week for party Marty cookies beverage. I've got a new idea so make sure you Wear clothes that are. You can tear up a little bit okay sell more nervous about that there's a sea animals are and I'm not your thing and it's got tells what smackdown. As an idealist and Gosford scary grips of the ox prices lately. These last Newton now I just vibrancy here about the surprise written gin among an psychiatric poems about dead don't hit your gender. No sport now is is he with eats like I saw like did Heath Slater bring amount. Yeah he brought him like hey you know we're here and then along. The full came eyes like hell we give me what are you guys opportune you dollars and smashed jitter turn around public is now relative size part of Iraq well. Taiwan dollar seats later on some. I don't know he might be on smackdown tonight who knows and aren't so we are out here another one in the tank this makes my much faster when you have. Some people talked to since thinks so. Does being serious but at the next rate mortgages every Tuesday night see guys get ready to start calling and have some fun. And until next time we will see you. Later sued and I had Padilla. Awkward at the turn camp trochmann I'm flattered that. Elegant kill switch. Oh shake it don't have next week it's gone on. It. We're. Left around. And also is calling.