Am I next!.mp3

Monday, July 3rd

My buddies neighbor gave him some grave news that has me thinking... "Am I next!?"  Listen to the story below! 


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It's another market story from one person that can't be making an. Odd front 101. Now you know I wanna be lying to you ever and this I don't biggest farfetched it's not even my snoring. But it's got to be concerned so my buddy. Why can't Michael. Keeps it doesn't assays using an old woman but yeah she claims she had seen the end of the day talking to her. She does readings were pretty good buddies neighbor. And he said he came out of the house candidate and she said. Michael stock she says I see him. What are your friends. His name begins with a jedi him in the balls it's hot rod. We're a fast car. Mike tells me this now my name doesn't begin to change none of my beginning middle and end the chase started make mistakes and what if I'm in the car with this Jane person and no way he's got two separate groups of friends a way for his good friend. I don't see him personally here's trinkets for a real spooky. We've got a body or her name Jericho. His girlfriend's name is Sydney but we call our one hot rod. Now I hang out with. Jared is not run a lot on the weekends. I feel like I wanted Jerry screws and I feel like I should separate myself from him and maybe just maybe way to savor. Or rocket live weekdays Monday through Friday from two to 7 PM on Friday 101.