Friday, July 8th


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It's the after show up front you know I'm not commenting in his government because that I wanna play would you rather adopt so are you ready yeah yeah buzz feed Angeles at seventeen would you rather questions that are impossible so I had to pick one of the two car OK so number one would you rather smell like Poe. And not knowing it are constantly be smelling poop that nobody else can smell them. Personal Ellington now. Now I get a under today OK it's it's Friday Gary I. A bomb. I think I rather be able to smell it the whole time and nobody else now ran out a lot of wanna be the guy and a walk her into my guy here he comes to smell that got it again we got. There can be dock it loop of defense. Okay would you rather eat only road kill for the rest of your life or have everyone else in the world around you sound like Gilbert. Not street. Chemical or kill turner. Young and too long ago with Raquel. I can see in Gilbert country's voice and like I mentioned everybody's I. He'll myself. Marriage how and islands to grocery basket I want that onto a camera and where did you rather had a taste buds on your butt hole. There are mine are both are big now a. I. This interview since the two used to be there are worried taste buds underdog and people are one. Well. The and again and answer this was there. Of them went with thing data which would you rather have it does one child I would not want a group through. So yeah it's taste buds under. I thought our candidate and to have people as there is not the graduates like reduce beings it would smell like. A picnic a and would you rather be itsy for the rest of relay for sticky for the rest of nine. Go sticky tour bothers me but nobody bother me so much so there's nothing like when you're sticky just getting a nice good shower in both of them. Happened the other morning united realize it's like 5% of my leg was bleeding I'm like and knowing touch it and it's like on on the lower part of elegantly. It's all sticky what is that this garbage is awesome night for leadership. Even realize it is so there. Very final line Rennie now would you rather go through life with a perpetual cold snow or on your outlook. Or implement your. Outlook. A death. Sentence of that'd take one I go with the colts are. You can cover idea and kind of but you really can't get something in polite about hanging out of the cave the whole time. We have not big monsters that eat it you can put something on it right though what's that thing you got to go with a this is. And frankly I didn't let. That deal resolute and I decided to read you know we see them how to make up covering your right now it's like you're born yeah but look at the and so when it opens. Enceladus this weekend at the Pittsburgh so that's the most disgusting after show we've ever done and no it's not to topical whopping one doesn't make this time the second most this adjustment went after Sarah front humanoid accountancy Bundy.