Friday, June 24th


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The after show here Friday when a one dot com dot Jesse K so we have dilemma on the show two neighbors that story about the opening of the new restaurant that you know girls new York and we needed to picture in the picture we needed was you know for the golden girls couldn't find one legally that we could use a bad way so much is all my suggestion was -- let's draw what you know we think anyway it looks like. And we sure picture. My that he liked describe what came out we I think that I'm like pretty artistic my Kraft deal I do that I'm crafty. This is a disgrace so. So I'm thinking maybe if you had scissors and some glue you. I like yeah create something out. But on our blog we have AB and C it's Kate leader on Hydro one doctor one and to reduce the big reveal of who is magnificent art is news Sherlund but he has struggled no I mean they're so this first on this is letter and a dislike big Brown's circle you know. Was it some random hair is involving spots and that's key is learn and do you during mirrors that anyway and anyway. Be of no I admire your eyes follow 92 docks under the nose to nose holes again. She's weren't answering a few minutes or is it that she was and did you make and a new year. That knocks. Is being to come to my rescue here I do not have an actual picture Betty White in front of me he. About it I was going off. And you shouldn't have because these kids. My key. If you are put away got a monkey and a blouse that are old plus it's. It looks to have. Now I I'm not telling your stories are concerns about it with the derivative based. On a new clothing should design clothing and never drug anyway ever again. And answers revealed. There you enjoy we're back Monday yeah we're gonna do it again Monday the after shot trying but. Not trying to Monday that a is that we're back Monday is that we're gonna do it Monday never again be the after show us now I got and we view them on seven fantastic weekend buying.