Wednesday, August 22nd


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After it front even when Doug come dock here Jesse there duty over there he once you move away from just speak. You're pretty far away for at this point her and she's pretty angry today. I don't play good I have a lot of equipment here blocking us but let's talk on a series don't we're talking about everything happened in Orlando and here's something new FaceBook is doing great it's there's. Eight feet check feature and this is interesting Katie you I'm assuming I have friends in Orlando yes yesterday I received an alert stating that couple of my friends were marked safe so I guess they get some thing on their face and either they can mark safe or not saints now this is based on your location and then I started digging around in a phone with them fascinated by the so basically they have three options it's not marked. Marked safe marked not safe and you can go on like if you know that your friend Jim saying is in Orlando and he's saying but hasn't checked into FaceBook you can go on and mark him as safe yes and interesting way to kind of keep your friends and family in the loop while you're dealing with something major like. Is that something you have on your front right now over something you get like if something were to happen don't need to download it you probably just don't have any friends in Orlando actually received message same for me but they said that this is the first time that this feature has ever been activated in the US it's been activated with like the Paris attacks and things like that I guess Mark Zuckerberg was taking a lot of criticism because they said we have all of these major events that happened in the US whether it's storms or flooding or whatever were you wanna find out if your friends and family are safe -- activate this feature more so it is something that you're gonna sourcing on FaceBook -- a lot more how many friends you have in Orlando about five cents a lot that thing yeah so when this all happened yesterday did you like to start thinking about well a couple of them are only visiting her vacation and or the summer and but yeah I was simply concerned about one of my good friends on and. It's going to be nerve wracking and there was two or went on TV they were showing yesterday and I still don't know the end of the story this year as one child he was in this bar when all this happened has not heard from him since Saturday afternoon my class you know what do you think's gonna happen with the bar we think they're gonna end up doing. I am home I seem to think that there's gonna become like a shrine built. Terry down and make it a memorial I mean this is what the do you say this morning the biggest mass shooting in US history yours history ya you know seen as that is a possibility. We'll think about that is fewer and that nightclub or if you live in Orlando would you ever go there again no meaning of her now. Because that's all you're ever gonna associate that building went exactly sad usually happy in the the after show that's we have for you today the after show it Friday 101 dot com thank you and we'll see you tomorrow.