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Wednesday, August 22nd


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It's the after show it front he went on dot com Duncan Jessie and Katie over the air soul we're talking about that apartments that we all lived in a one point or another relived in Maryland the people downstairs had mice and here at her house and I was on the second floor so means you had mice which means I had mice and all kinds of other bugs that are in this over and it was some like the most disgusting what thought it was the most discussing but previous to that when I was young pop in radio wanted to live in New Jersey and could not afford to live their silent and rooming house series so how many people there so there are probably eight that live in the rooming house's one bathroom everybody has to share and then you had your own each had your own individual room and I remember every Saturday morning to landlords banging on the door looking for his ranch. Was it all got days or minerals council of everything and then who yeah. 'cause girl's mother took effect I thought there. Well today lake would you guys say Aaron I'm gonna claim the document is time to get ready for work now most of us and even though each other it's because people that. I would just weird so much sometimes the bathroom is nice and other times and walked him Aronson my god looks like your Christ. There so man whose jobless cleaning the landlords and when he came around on Saturdays that's when things got done so creepy yeah dinner and yes hello hopefully never have to go through that in your line but it's it's tough when you're up and coming you know their money and you. I lived didn't one apartment other then like moving out of my dad's house so John actually had the apartment and he was renting from his sister and it is just one of those things like you're renting to families and they never really didn't match with this so I'll never forget the first time I came over I thought my god this guy has kids that he'd tell you about because he had these giant fat head on the law turned to his nephews that heads but leaving that night I was like are right well this is going to be a weird conversation. As it does find somebody threw up an. Not I'll let. She never quite. Well I realize this as a moving out of like what let's just take care it is big stain so we don't get any kind of charges or anything and John is like he daddy wanna tell you but remember we and that party so I don't. Three errors than an hour let's review where I realize for things they have yeah have freshman. Year of college I went with a cheaper apartment and I just really didn't have any money to tradition is so I mean I have a love seat there and I suppose my laptop on a box and watch Netflix thank god it came with the French because I didn't have anything else a fridge in a microwave that's about and. Rough and an. And are often so I love your stories if he had a pass them along to us it's the after show which jockey Jessie and Katie and frog he went on dot com.