Doc Medek

For those who don’t know, I grew up in “Da Bronx”. I started my radio career at 19 and worked mainly in the northeast. I met incredible people and made many friends along my journey in Long Branch, NJ, Middletown, NY, Dover, NJ, Charlottesvillle, Va., Salisbury, Md., Long Island, New York City and Philadelphia.  


In 1999, we started The Doc Show on Froggy 101 and we had a great 11 year run! In 2010, I left for my chance to join Andie Summers on the Doc & Andie Show on 92.5 XTU in Philly, but after 6 years, I knew it was time to come back to NEPA. My older son Christian, works for Brandywine Realty in Philly.  My younger son Sean works here at Entercom and can be heard on KRZ as "Chewy." Last year Michele and I became foster parents and now legal guardians to an incredible girl named Julia. Julia is a senior in high school and looking forward to college, Air Force ROTC and eventually becoming a dermatologist. Oh, and I can't forget Marco "the wonder mutt."  


I’m very involved with the Military, Police and Fire Departments, Red Cross, Salvation Army and many more charities. I’m always looking to help, just let me know. Check out The Doc Show with Jessie weekday mornings from 5:30-10AM and Sundays from 12-4PM.

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