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DOC'S BLOG: Who Are You Showering With?

I notice the strangest things. I'm the person that usually can find the seven hidden things in a picture. This morning as I was getting out of the shower, I looked down at the shower mat and saw an image of Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead. Do you see what I see or do you see someone or... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Can Jessie break Up With Soda?

Jessie is about to undertake another major step in her life...quitting soda. Over the past week, she's been buying less and less but doesn't know if she has the willpower. Doc was a heavy soda drinker in his game but has to get away from his "sugar fix", which brought Freddie in to the conversation. Read More
Thomas Rhett performs onstage during the 54th Academy Of Country Music Awards

Listen to Thomas Rhett's Nostalgic New Ballad "Remember You Young"

“This song is about the moments with loved ones solidified in my mind forever. What my eyes will see even when we’re grandparents to our babies’ babies.” Thomas Rhett is thinking deep, remembering the past, and contemplating the future on his new single “Remember You Young.” The ballad begins with... Read More
Jake Owen

Jake Owen Goes Acoustic for Heartbreaking Ballad "In It"

Jake Owen ’s brokenhearted ballad “In It” gets the acoustic treatment on a new live version he performed for Vevo. The country star is in his element with just his trademark voice and acoustic guitar telling the story of a love he’s ready to let go. “You ain't got to call, you ain't got to write /... Read More

AUDIO: Jimmie Allen audio extras!

Jimmie takes shots from the crowd: Jimmie introduces his single "Make me want to" Jimmie explains he over analyzes movies, including Peter Pan: Fans bring more shots to the stage, Jimmie tries to make a love connection between Riley and Tenille and intros his song "Warrior" Tyler Rich spills the... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Should Be In Jail

Should Doc be in the "slammer?" Freddie and Jessie think so. Doc was driving home and his daytime running lamps didn't transition from day to night. As he was traveling on 80 WB approaching the construction zone near White Haven, many cars and trucks were flashing their high beams from behind. He... Read More

AUDIO: Riley Green audio extras

Riley talks about breakups and exs: Riley talks about opening for the Marshall Tucker Band: Riley shares a brand new song he finished wiriting back stage before the show: Jimme and Riley take shots and Jimmie one ups him. Riley also talks about how exs think every song is about them: Riley wraps up... Read More