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DOC SHOW AUDIO: Bar Soap or Body Wash?

Jessie found it shocking that both Doc and Freddie use bar soap in their shower instead of body wash. Freddie let us know about one thing he accidentally used that wasn't body wash in the shower. Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: What Was Jessie Thinking?

We were talking about favorite and least favorite Halloween candy. Doc said he likes Milky Way and 3 Musketeers. Jessie said to wait until Freddie walks in, he's going to tear you apart on your choices. Freddie pretty much agreed with Doc's choices. What was Jessie thinking? Getty Image Credit:... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: It's Best Ball Jessie, Not Best _____!

We were talking about a golf Premium Perk to listeners and Doc suggested we come up with a Doc, Jessie and Freddie golf tournament. Jessie never played, Freddie wants to drive the cart and Doc only played a few times in a game called "Best Ball." We think Jessie misunderstood the name of the game... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Ever Get Your Grapes Pinched?

Jessie was telling us when she likes a business on Facebook, she also gets the negative comments people write about their business. She mentioned a woman trying to purchase clothes at Target and the way the store is set up in that section. Her favorite was a guy who drove a KIA and was complaining... Read More

DOC'S BLOG: Meet Me in the Ladies Room

Michele and I were running around the Kingston area pricing flooring and paint for our basement. When that was done, it was time to eat! Google to the rescue, we saw a place close by called Flaherty's...a very cool looking Irish Bar. In fact, if I ever owned a bar, I would like it to look like this... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Are They Carnies or Fairies?

Doc heard a rumor that at night at the Bloomsburg fair after they close to the public, the "carnies" jump in the hot tubs that are on display. Jessie thought that was a mean term to refer to the workers who go from fair to fair. Freddie said since it's a fair and not a carnival, they should be... Read More

DOC'S BLOG: I Redeemed Myself at the Bloomsburg Fair

By the time this weekend is over, I will have been to the Bloomsburg Fair three times this year! Last week Michele and I got grief for my food choices from Jessie and Freddie. Last Saturday I had a hotdog, pretzel, baked potato, and a chocolate shake. Thursday night, I stepped up my game because I... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: The Deer Really Love Jessie's Tree

Jessie was talking about a protective fence that she puts around a tree that was planted in her yard after her wedding. The deer keep coming around to "rub off" their antlers on the tree. It was a whole lesson on how nature works for Doc. Read More