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Blake Shelton performs at the 2018 CMA Music Fest at Nissan Stadium

Blake Shelton Receives 2019 Humanitarian Artist Award

February 13 marked the 50th Country Radio Seminar. If you’re wondering what the Country Radio Seminar is, just think of it as the place where 6-time GRAMMY winner Kacey Musgraves was first introduced to the industry. On top of showcasing up-and-comers, the event also highlights some huge names that... Read More

AUDIO: Does Freddie Grind Spices?

Jessie was talking about Facebook ads and the things she wants to purchase like something that repairs scratches in wood, Doc bought an XL shirt from China that wouldn't fit a toddler and Freddie has something that grinds spices. He seems to love it! Read More


Uh oh! Miranda Lambert is being accused of dumping a salad on a woman's lap at a steakhouse in Nashville. The story goes like this - a man made a comment to Miranda's friend about "millennials and their phones"... This comment erupted into an argument which lead to Miranda alleged getting up and... Read More
Aaron Paul

'Breaking Bad' Sequel Is Set for Netflix

Jesse Pinkman rides again. According to The Hollywood Reporter , a sequel to Breaking Bad is officially in the works for Netflix and will center around the escape of Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul . According to sources the feature-length film will first air on the streaming service before appearing... Read More
Luke Bryan performs during the First Couple's Inaugural Dinner and Ball

Luke Bryan Adopted an 18-Year Old Dog

Age is just a number to country superstar Luke Bryan . The “Most People are Good” singer is taking a chance on an 18-year-old dog that was probably going to have to live the rest of his life in a shelter. Bryan and his wife, Caroline, applied for and adopted Poochie after reading about him on the... Read More

DOC'S BLOG: Late to the Party...Again!

Jessie and I were talking about shows that have been out for a while and we just started watching them. For me, having a daughter opens me up to a series of vampire shows and shows like that. The other day, I sat down while Julia started watching "Lucifer" which airs on Fox56 and Netflix. I thought... Read More

AUDIO: Would You Eat Pizza From Someone Else?

There was a story from a YouTube blogger that says Chuck E. Cheese recycles their uneaten pizza to form another pie. Chuck E. Cheese denies the allegations saying that each pie is made separate. It got us talking, would you have a problem with that? You might be surprised by Jessie and Freddie's... Read More