Why Being the Oldest Sibling is the Best

By: Kelly Meyers

December 29, 2017

Having siblings is something I just cannot relate to because I was an only child. And by default, I was automatically the most talented, smartest, and best-behaved child in the family. But if you grew up with siblings, rivalries sometimes run throughout your lives. 

Middle children seem to the ones that struggle the most because they weren't the firstborn and they aren't the baby of the family either. But every family dynamic is different. 

If you've been battling with your brothers and sisters all of these years over who's the smartest in the family, I am about to settle that debate thanks to science and a new study

Children that are first born tend to have the edge over their younger siblings. According to the research done at the University of Edinburgh, the first born child gets more mental stimulation because they are the focus of their parents. 

They found that the firstborn typically had a higher IQ and were more successful in life.

So, cheers to you if you're the eldest in your family. You now have more bragging rights! 

See the full full study here