Where Did Your Supermarket Rank?

August 27, 2018

Greenpeace recently released their 2018 Supermarket Sustainable Seafood Scorecard ranking 22 US retailers on seafood policy, initiatives, labeling and transparency, and inventory.  Local markets included in the survey include Aldi, Price Chopper, Target, Walmart and Wegmans.  Out of these local markets, Aldi ranked highest.  


In June 2008, Greenpeace published their first Sustainable Seafood Scorecard, and evaluated 20 major U.S. grocery retailers on seafood sustainability. By documenting current practices and educating retailers about the impacts of their seafood sales on marine life and our oceans, they sought to raise consumer awareness and collectively encourage retailers to source only sustainable seafood. At that time, the vast majority of retailers were concerned with price and quality, not seafood sustainability. Unsurprisingly, all 20 retailers failed in the first evaluation. Ten years later, in the tenth edition, 20 out of 22 retailers have achieved at least passing scores.


• By continuing to implement their policies and seize advocacy opportunities, ALDI (ranked 3rd) and Target (4th) moved into the green category. 

• Local supermarket chains ALDI (ranked 3rd) and Wegmans (6th) have public policies with requirements regarding transshipment at sea for tuna. 

What to Do Next:

Plastic pollution remained a focus given its threat to biodiversity and seafood supply chains. “None of the profiled retailers have major, comprehensive commitments to reduce and ultimately phase out their reliance on single-use plastics,” the Greenpeace analysis noted. 

Greenpeace suggested these five ways for supermarket chains to use their purchasing power to bring about positive change for oceans and seafood workers:

  1. Create a strong, time-bound, publicly available sustainable seafood policy.
  2. Take action to stop forced labor, labor abuse, and IUU fishing.
  3. Reduce your plastic footprint.
  4. Support initiatives and advocate for positive change for our oceans and seafood workers.
  5. Increase transparency through data, chain of custody, and education.

You can read the entire report and see where your favorite market ranked here.