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Trace Adkins Releases 12th Studio Album

By: Lauren Hoffman

March 31, 2017

Trace Adkins has officially released his 12th studio album Something’s Going On.

Adkins' last record was released in 2013 and fans have been eagerly awaiting new music ever since.

The 55-year-old country singer takes us to a much more personal place this time around. The tracks take us through romance, reflection, pain, and more.

Full track list:

  1. Ain’t Just the Whiskey Talkin’
  2. Jesus and Jones
  3. Watered Down
  4. Something’s Going On
  5. If Only You Were Lonely
  6. Gonna Make You Miss Me
  7. I’m Gone
  8. Country Boy Problems
  9. Lit
  10. Still a Soldier
  11. Whippoorwills and Freight Trains
  12. Hang

For each ticket order to see Adkins on his 2017 tour, fans will receive a physical copy of Something’s Going On.

Watch Trace Adkins’ newest music video for “Watered Down,” below.