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Need to Break Your Phone Addiction? Try This!

By: Kelly Meyers

June 7, 2017

Are you addicted to your phone? This simple trick may help. 

Digital addiction can cause some real problems for the addict and those around them. It has a negative effect on your life, of course. 

Well, this simple hack will help make your phone and tablet a lot less tempting.  The idea is to turn your phone into "greyscale mode." Basically,  it makes a lot of your favorite apps way less attractive. Tritan Harris, a former Google designer, said because they're less attractive you'll spend less time using the apps.

This kind of makes sense, right? In fact, I may just try this greyscale rule for when I am trying to spend less time on my phone on the weekend. Hopefully, it helps me to be more present in what's going around me.