WATCH: San Antonio Man Syncs Christmas Lights to Star Wars' "Imperial March"

December 15, 2017
Christmas lights


May the force be with you this holiday season.

San Antonio, Texas resident and Living Light Shows owner Matt Johnson lit up his neighborhood in 2015 with his impressive holiday light show. However, as word about the spectacle spread, crowds grew, bringing in traffic that caused the display to be shut down.

But the show must go on, so this year, Johnson’s light show—set to Celldweller’s remix of Star Wars’ “The Imperial March”—was moved to the dark side. And by “dark side,” we mean a friend’s house with better traffic flow.

See the display in action below!

According to ABC News, the display, which is made up of 15,000 lights, took an entire year to program and 6 weeks to install.

Why go to all the trouble? To appeal to millennials, apparently. Johnson said he’s repeatedly heard that younger generations are tired of static lights, so he put together the display with the hope of appealing to “the video game generation.”