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Maren Morris Named Honorary Chairwoman For Texas Music Project

By: Scott T. Sterling

January 8, 2018

Maren Morris has a new gig.

The country star has been announced as an honorary chairwoman for the Texas Music Project.

The Texas Music Project is a nonprofit organization that works to “encourage, promote, produce, and advance music education programs” across the state of Texas.

It’s something that’s close to Morris’ heart, as she Texas native participated in a songwriting camp in California through the organization as a teen.

“It changed my life a great deal,” the singer remembers of the trip during an interview announcing her position. “It was just so cool to have that opportunity.”

“Education, songwriting, Texas, you blend those all together and that’s what the heart of me is and so to be the honorary chairman … is really incredible,” she says regarding the honor. “I like to represent Texas in any way, shape or form that I can, so this is a huge honor.”

Previous to Morris, the position was held by the spiritual godfather of Texas music, Willie Nelson.

“It’s obviously an honor,” she says of following Nelson. “I had the opportunity to open for him this year out in Santa Barbara, and it was the first time I’d ever really been that close to him. He pulled us all up onstage at the very end and you just see this legend become like a real person in that moment.”

“Making music dreams come true is what we at TMP are all about, and Maren’s story is just another in a long line of continued music education success stories,” according to a press release. “We can’t wait to see what more music Maren brings us and the help she can bring in spreading the word on saving the arts in Texas.”

Watch Maren Morris interviewed by TMP executive director Michael Clay below.