WATCH: Luke Combs Talks Making of Debut Single, "Hurricane"

January 17, 2018


Luke Combs is sharing the story behind his debut single, "Hurricane," with his fans. The country star talked with Billboard during their 'How It Went Down' video series to discuss the making of his No. 1 hit.

Combs revealed to Billboard that "Hurricane" was just one of the titles he had saved to his phone. At the time, his good friend was quite concerned about running into a certain girl at a bar. The 27-year-old took his story and transformed it into his very own lyrics.

After saving his money by working at a retail shop and as a bouncer at a local bar, Combs put together a six-track EP. That project lead to his debut album, This One's For You, which features the lead single, "Hurricane."

"You can’t really plan on any of that stuff happening. But it did, I’m lucky to be here," Combs shared. 

Watch below as Luke Combs shares his full story on "Hurricane."