WATCH: Eric Paslay Reveals How He Will Stay "Young Forever"

May 4, 2018


Eric Paslay returned with his brand new single, "Young Forever," back in March. Now, the country singer is unveiling to his fans what he does to make his song a reality.

What do YOU do to stay "Young Forever"? In the video above, Paslay explains that it's all about staying busy and keeping a certain mindset. 

The singer-songwriter and his wife renovate houses together, visit antique and coffee shops, and most importantly, love meeting new people.

"It is cool to just be creative together and build stuff. You want it to last," Paslay said. The mindset helps him continue to stay "Young Forever," especially when it comes time to create new music.

Paslay co-wrote his new track alongside Chris Destefano and Morgan Evans. "Young Forever" follows the 35-year-old's debut record which features his No. 1 smash hit, "Friday Night."

Listen to Eric Paslay's "Young Forever" below.