WATCH: Chris Janson Unveils Powerful Live Performance Of "Drunk Girl"

December 11, 2017


Chris Janson's latest single, "Drunk Girl," is sending fans a powerful message. The track comes from the country singer's sophomore album, Everybody, which was released earlier this year.

According to People, Janson's latest single is all about "doing the right thing" and treating that "Drunk Girl" with respect. When the 31-year-old penned the track with songwriters Tom Douglas and Scooter Carusoe, they wrote it "from a dad's perspective."

Janson revealed to People that the single was released at a perfect time. Although "Drunk Girl" is probably not what you expected judging by the title, the lyrics are as a real as it gets.

Watch Chris Janson's live performance of "Drunk Girl" below.