Walker Hayes Announces New Album, 'boom.'

September 13, 2017

Photo credit: David McClister

Walker Hayes has announced he will release his long-awaited album, boom., on December 8. The country singer wrote or co-wrote each of the ten new tracks on the record.

“'boom!' It’s my favorite word. It’s what I text my team every time another station adds 'You Broke Up With Me'… It’s the first thing I say after I play a song from the album for anyone. So, it’s what we had to call the album. I’m just so excited to share another part of the story. BOOM!"

Hayes first introduced his new music with the lead single, "You Broke Up With Me." You may be surprised by some of the song titles, however, boom., sums it up just right. The talented singer-songwriter will join Thomas Rhett's Home Team Tour this fall.

boom. Track List:

1. Beautiful 
2. Shut Up Kenny
3. You Broke Up With Me
4. Halloween 
5. Dollar Store
6. Beer In The Fridge
7. Beckett
8. Mind Candy
9. Prescriptions
10. Craig