A Thousand Horses Release New Tracks on 'Bridges'

June 2, 2017


A Thousand Horses has released their second project today (June 2) titled, Bridges.

The country/rock band consists of band members Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Zach Brown, and Graham Deloach. A Thousand Horses' new EP is comprised of six brand new tracks as well as seven acoustic versions of their best-live performances.

Bridges Track List: 

1. Blaze Of Somethin' 

2. Burn Like Willie 

3. Preachin' to the Choir

4. One Man Army 

5. Bridges

6. Weekends In a Small Town

7. Travelin' Man (LIVE)

8. Preachin' to the Choir (LIVE)

9. Sunday Morning (LIVE)

10. One Man Army (LIVE)

11. Bridges (LIVE)

12. First Time (LIVE)

13. Smoke (LIVE)

A Thousand Horses will be touring this summer as well as making several festival appearances. Watch the music video for "Travelin' Man," below.