Kenny Chesney Returns With 'Live in No Shoes Nation'

August 3, 2017

© Zoe Meyers

Kenny Chesney will return October 27 with Live in No Shoes Nation. The country superstar is currently sorting out his plans for 2018 and finalizing a track list.

The new project celebrating 10 years of concerts, will capture 29 performances from the last decade. After listening to hours of his live shows, Chesney has created a combination of hits and surprises to share with every member of No Shoes Nation.

“So much has happened over the last 10 years,” Chesney marvels. “But the one thing that remained consistent, that’s been there no matter what, are the people of No Shoes Nation. They’ve always been why I do what I do, but listening to all these shows over the last several months, I realized they’re really the heartbeat to everything me and my road family do.”

The 49-year-old is amazed at the energy he gets from the crowd during each show saying "he feels most alive" on the stage because the audience is so loud and "in the moment" in each and every show.

Listen to Kenny Chesney's current single, "All the Pretty Girls," below.