Justin Moore Launches 12 Days of Holiday Story-Sharing

December 12, 2017


Justin Moore took to social media to share his story of who he is missing most this holiday season. The country star wants to help his fans remember their lost loved ones this year by revealing their stories as well.

"This holiday season a lot of us are often left missing someone who sadly is no longer with us,” says Moore. "For me that’s my Grandfather, Tom Moore.”

This holiday season a lot of us are often left missing someone who sadly is no longer with us. For me that’s my Grandfather, Tom Moore. For the next twelve days I want to tell your story, on who you’d visit with this holiday season “if heaven wasn’t so far away”. Submit your story at link in bio.

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Moore is encouraging individuals to submit a story about a late friend or family member that they wish they could spend time with this holiday season. Over the next 12 days, the "Somebody Else Will" singer will pick a story to share on his socials each day.

Who do YOU miss most during the holiday season? Fans can submit their stories here or follow along using #TwelveDaysTwelveStories. 

Day 1: Ann Zimmerman

Day 1: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories. Thanks to Ann Zimmerman for sharing the story of her Dad, Bill. Read her story below: I lost my Dad, Bill Molitor on December 29, 1993 to Cancer. He was 40 and I was 19. He was my "person”. We were so much alike and I miss him daily, but as I get older and now that I have lived three years longer than he got to, it makes me miss him and appreciate him so much more.

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Day 2: Colyn Robinson

Day 2: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Sharing Colyn Robinson’s story today, read the heartbreaking story below: — I would visit my little brother. He passed away in 1992. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him. He was my best friend. I just wish he could have met my son and daughter. Thanks for the song Justin, I almost cry every time I hear it.

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Day 3: Justin Manshack

Day 3: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Sharing Justin Manshack’s story today, read what he said below: — My sister sadly passed away before I was born and when she was just a few months old, I've always wished I could have met her or just sit down and have someone to talk to ..i have brothers here with me but the only one that got to meet her was our oldest brother ...I know she would have been such a blessing a great woman if she was still here with us but God had bigger plans for her. Her name is Bridget LaFawn Manshack.

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Day 4: Valarie Brunetti

Day 4: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Sharing Valarie Brunetti’s story today, read her touching tribute to her son below: — We lost our 16 year old son Gavin, Feb 2015, in a car accident, he left with a friend on a Wednesday night and never returned home. I recently was asked to make a list of his talents, and achievements. It was impossible to “list them” so I wrote about him, this is only part of Gavin’s story. Let’s start with Gavin’s talents, he was an amazing self taught drummer, you know any mother can say that but with Gavin it’s true, his talent behind the set of drums was like no other. He was also talented in the ocean, he was an avid surfer, and he had a love for the ocean, he competed in many competitions including Guy Daniels Surf Off, the Eternal Wave Surf Off, and Herndon/Lebel Memorial Surf Off, the latter 2 now honor/memorialize Gavin each year at their competitions. Gavin was an organ/tissue donor, and although b/c of his injuries he was unable to donate organs, he has helped 5 individuals that i know of with his tissue donation, one being a 16 year old boy named Gavin. His main achievement I’ve seen since his passing is his love, he poured it out freely when he was here with us and daily I continue to see his memories shared on social media, or through text messages with me, his friends have become our friends, he loved and that love is still shared in his honor. I hope this helps, he was so young so his list of talents, activities, and achievements isn’t as great as others, but this is Gavin, and he is missed daily by so many, and he had big dreams and goals and would have fulfilled them b/c that’s who he was, no dream was too big. I’d also like to add that Gavin was a child of God and he knew it and he shared it without hesitation, the day he was saved in October 2010, he came home and posted on Facebook “when i die my friends should have my permission to change my status to chilling with Jesus” and that he is, with that big silly laugh and great big smile.

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Day 5: Jacqueline Banzhof

Day 5: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Sharing Jacqueline Banzhof’s story today, read her story below: — I would visit my son, Jason, who passed December 18th, 1997. Bone cancer took him from us at the age of 7. His smile and laughter lit up every place and every person he touched. What would you look like? What would you have grown up to be if God had not needed you to be one of his angels? I'll always love you son.

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Day 6: Katie Troupal

Day 6: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Sharing Katie Toupal’s story today, read her story below: — I didn’t know my dad growing up, but my grandpa, Richard quickly made me forget about that. We would build things, fish, golf and head to taco johns every Saturday. We’d stay up late drinking coffee and watching old movies every weekend. He was my best friend who always made me laugh. This year is especially hard without him. I was at the Route 91 concert on 10/1. I’ve been scared every day since then and he’s the only one I want to talk to, but he passed 8 years ago.

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Day 7: Justine Burn

Day 7: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Sharing Justine Burn’s story today, read her tribute below: — It will be two years tomorrow (12/19) that I lost my step brother, Ryan aka Munch. He was constantly the life of the party and my best friend. It’s really hard to write this, because there is nothing more difficult than losing someone you love. I have a two year old daughter who would have loved him, so much. He wasn’t there for my wedding, which was extremely difficult, but everyone had a good cry and a shot of Fireball for him. About 6 months before he passed, he sold his project “POS” truck to my now husband. It’s something that will stay with us forever. I think about him everyday and wish that he was still here. I would give anything to hear his voice and his laugh again, if heaven wasn’t so far away.

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Day 8: Laura Collins

Day 8: #TwelveDaysTwelveStories Thanks to @lauraanncollins for submitting, read her tribute to her parents below: — I can’t even put into words how much I miss my parents. There is a constant ache in my heart and such a void that can’t be explained. My mother was always so proud of me, of even the smallest things. My Dad was quiet, strong, hard working, and so kind. They were married 52 years and I was the youngest of 6. I wish the entire world could have known them as I did. There was so much comfort with them, so much made sense when they were here. It’s just family, the true feeling of family and when you lose a part of your family, part of you never recovers. I miss them terribly. I hope they are still proud of me.

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Justin Moore will kick off the second leg of his Hell On A Highway Tour in January.