Jordan Davis Unveils Debut Album, 'Home State'

March 23, 2018

© Eric Ryan Anderson

Jordan Davis released his debut album, Home State, today (March 23). The rising country singer's twelve-track collection features his now gold-certified song, "Singles You Up."

“I wanted there to be some type of thread tying everything together and all these songs came from Louisiana, my home state,” says Jordan.

“For me, Louisiana was the common thread whether it be the idea, the relationship I was writing about or even meeting my wife in New Orleans. Home State just popped into my head and from that moment I knew that’s what the name of the record needed to be.”

Davis co-wrote each of his new tunes which he hopes gives fans a glimpse into who he is as an artist. The 30-year-old is currently headlining his White Wine and Whiskey Tour and is set to hit the road this summer with Jake Owen.

Home State Track List: 

1. Take It From Me

2. Going 'Round

3. More Than I Know

4. Slow Dance In A Parking Lot 

5. Singles You Up

6. Sundowners

7. Tough To Tie Down

8. Selfish

9. Made That Way

10. So Do I 

11. Dreamed You Did 

12. Leaving New Orleans