EXCLUSIVE: Walker Hayes Introduces Fans To "Craig" and More

April 30, 2018


Walker Hayes wants to introduce his fans to his latest single, "Craig." Yes, he is a real person and the lyrics tell a true story that the country star experienced himself.

"Craig" was co-written by Hayes and is featured on his album Boom., which was released last year. We sat down with rising star to get acquainted with "Craig," find out what exactly he did to help, and more.

Craig has been a fan and one of Hayes' biggest supporters since day one. His good friend who resides in Nashville, came into the singer-songwriter's life at a time when he didn't want the world to know he needed help.

The personal track describes his encounter with Craig himself when he had offered to give Hayes the car out of his garage. Fans will hear and feel the emotional journey through the lyrics when listening to the song.

Check out Walker Hayes' "Craig" below.