EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Farr Talks Personal Meaning Behind New Single, 'I Should Go to Church Sometime'

August 17, 2017

Tyler Farr's new single, "I Should Go To Church Sometime," shows a different side to him as an artist. The country singer has delivered an emotional track to his fans and he is speaking out about the meaning behind the lyrics. 

During our EXCLUSIVE interview with Farr, he explains the song truly made him think. The single is more than just about going to church, it's how people want to be remembered.

As soon as Farr heard "I Should Go To Church Sometime," it was exactly where he was at in his life. When the time came to pick his next single, he chose the song that hit home for him AND his FANS.

"I shouldn’t let my pride get in the way | I know I shouldn’t be afraid of what I know I’ll find | I should go to church sometime"

Listen to Tyler Farr's "I Should Go To Church Sometime," below.