EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Farr Shares Personal Connection To New Single, "Love By The Moon"

The country star shows a different side of himself!

May 18, 2018

Tyler Farr is showing fans a different side of himself with the release of his brand new single, "Love By The Moon." The country singer's latest track sets the tone for his upcoming album.

In our exclusive interview below, Farr reveals why the song connects with him on a personal level and more. "Love By The Moon" is an ode to all of the hardworking people out there today.

The singer-songwriter wants fans to know whether he's on stage performing or out in the woods hunting, when he works hard, he plays hard too.

"Being a country music artist, I'm away from home a lot. So, when I do get time at home, I make those days count and don't take one fro granted. We live by the sun and love by the moon. Yeah, that's right," Farr exclaimed.

Listen to Tyler Farr's "Love By The Moon" below.