CVS to Stop Beauty Product Photo Alterations

January 16, 2018

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CVS Pharmacy has announced that the company plans on being photoshop free by 2020. Due to health concerns raised by the retail store, the policy is set to help everyone become socially conscious.

According to Elle, the corporation "will no longer digitally alter its in-house beauty ads beginning in April." Products sold at CVS stores that have NOT been altered using photoshop will now have a watermark ("Beauty Mark") in the top right corner.

Elle reported that CVS intends to make sure everyone is aware of the changes and to know it is what they stand for in beauty.

Do you think other brands will join CVS in adopting this policy?

Check out the CVS "Beauty Mark" below.

The CVS Beauty Mark supports a more positive self image in women and girls by promoting more realistic beauty imagery. #RealisBeautiful #CVSBeauty

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