Billy Currington's 'Do I Make You Wanna' Hits No. 1

August 1, 2017

© Alex Ferrari

Billy Currington's current single, "Do I Make You Wanna," has now taken the number one spot on Billboard's Country Airplay chart. This is the country singer's third track coming from his sixth studio album to top the charts.

“This album, Summer Forever, is the album that keeps on giving.” states Billy.  “Having the song ‘Do I Make You Wanna’ become my 12th No. 1 hit is beyond gratifying and so rewarding. I want to thank my team, my label, my co-writers, country radio and most of all you, my fans!  This could have never happened without the fans, so a deep felt thank you to all of you,” elaborates Billy.

The talented Georgia native's feel good song will have you playing it on repeat. Currington is currently out on the road for his Stay Up Til The Sun tour.

Listen to Billy Currington's "Do I Make You Wanna," below.