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Kenny Chesney Says Taking Chances Earned Him GRAMMY Nomination

By: Annie Reuter

December 19, 2017

Kenny Chesney explained how going above and beyond for his latest album Cosmic Hallelujah helped earn him a GRAMMY nomination for Best Country Album.

“We did a lot of things that were left of center than how we usually release a record,” Chesney said during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday evening (Dec. 18). “I had a single and we changed it. I had an album title and then we changed it. We did a lot of interesting things. I made a video for a song that we knew wouldn’t be a single, ‘Rich And Miserable.'”

“Sometimes record labels don’t like it when you go and make a video for a song that’s really expensive that you know isn’t going to be a single on the radio,” he continued. “It was things like that, that really allowed us to dig a little deeper than we normally do on a record.”

Cosmic Hallelujah is Chesney’s 16th studio album; the singer has been writing for decades. He told Meyers that he penned his first song in a “persuasion class” in college for a girl he had a crush on.

“There was a girl sitting next to me that I was trying to persuade to go out with me so I thought I would write her a song,” he said. “I put it down on a cassette and I did that with my guitar and I took it to class the next day. She sat right beside me in class and I slid it to her, didn’t say anything, didn’t even look at her. Class ends, I go home, come back the next day and she was sitting in the far corner of the class. It was literally my first taste of rejection in the music business.”

Chesney also performed, “Jesus And Elvis” from Cosmic Hallelujah. Watch it below:

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