Pediatricians: No Fruit Juice for Infants

May 25, 2017


Juice has been a staple for infants, children, and teenagers for years. Well, pediatricians now say that you should never serve juice to your infant. Plus, there are drastic new guidelines on how much juice that kids of all ages should consume.

The new guidelines were published by the American Academy of Pediatrics this week. The headline? Parents should NOT give their child any juice for the entire first year of life. 

The study says that moderation is best after 1 year old, but even 100% fruit juice is not meant to act a substitute for eating real fruit. In fact, some physicians suggested that it juice be ditched altogether to help fight the obesity epidemic.

Toddlers should not have more than 4 oz. of juice each day. For kids aged 4-6, pediatricians say they should only have 6 oz. of juice each day. Meanwhile, children and teenagers that are between the ages of 6-18 should consume no more than 8 oz. of juice each day. 

The study also stressed the importance of having real fruit included in your kid's diet.