LOOK: Little Girl Sends Incredibly Note to Father as He Rescues Harvey Victims

August 29, 2017

USA Today

Hurricane Harvey has brought a ton of stories of devastation to light in recent days. This story, however, reminds us of the sacrifices that families across the region are making. 

As a police officer from Waco, TX prepared to go to work to rescue victims of the storm’s incredible flooding, his daughter left him this emotional note:

The young clearly recognized that dangers that lied ahead for her father, but yet, she wanted her father to help those in need.

The Waco Police Department shared the note on Facebook, and it is already going viral. They wrote wrote on Facebook, “it took everything that her daddy could do to keep her from loading up with him to go.”

Thank you to all of the heroes putting their lives in danger to help rescue and keep those across the region safe.