June 19, 2017

We had a Gender Reveal this weekend! I wasn't sure if this new trend was for me but Jon loved the idea of finding out if we're having a boy or girl, while surrounded by family and closest friends. We had an ice cream theme - "What's the Scoop?!" complete with an ice cream bar, pink and blue popcorn (thanks to Justin Taylor) and onesie cookies! I'm so glad Jon talked me into this party because it truly was a great time! If you're on the fence about a Gender Reveal party, go for it! You won't be let down. So much fun!

Onto the actual reveal - we bought heart pouches from Target. They looked the same on the outside but inside was pink or blue confetti. At our ultrasound at Baby2Be3D, we asked the tech to give us back the correct ones and get rid of the ones that didn't correspond to our baby's gender. When we ripped them open, I had a hard time distinguising if the confetti was pink or blue. Thankfully, we had a sealed envelope with the correct info. See if you can pick out pink or blue confetti in the video below.

Here's the "scoop" on whether we're having a little boy or girl.