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HOLIDAY TIPS: How to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

By: Kelly Meyers

November 24, 2017

A house isn't a home without a pet or pets, but the holidays can be a real struggle for pet owners.

If you have cats you know that it's a struggle, but you have to take measures to keep your decorations and pets safe. This is probably especially true if you have cats, right? Though, dogs are known to do their fair share of damage to trees.

So what can you do to pet proof your Christmas tree this year? Here are some tips:

Anchor Your Tree to the Wall
We use some pretty heavy fishing line to anchor the tree in two different spots on the wall. That way if your pet climbs the tree, it's less likely they will bring it down.

Put Breakable Ornaments & Decor Higher Up
Leave the cheap plastic ornaments at the bottom that way if they are chewed on or kicked off the tree they won't be breakable.

Use A Pet Defender
It's a product they sell online and at retailers that puts a pet proof barrier on the bottom of the tree.

Skip The Tinsel
Garland is fine, but those thin, long pieces of tinsel are easy for pets to ingest and no one needs a trip to the vet over the Holidays.

Check All Holiday Plants
Use only pet safe plants or fake ones for decor: You can find out what plants aren't safe for pets here!

Avoid Spray Snow
Don't use spray on snow in areas where your pet can access. Use cotton balls or dried babies breath instead.

There are other tips for pet safety over the holidays in this article here.