Whose Party Is It?

June 7, 2017

Will my car make it to 200,000 miles? I never had a car that did so keep your fingers crossed for me. We started the weekend early on the show with our Dad's Spare Tire Contest to win tickets for the Pocono 400. My son Sean came in to help us after a late night out and passed out on the floor in my office after the show. On the weekend, I finished my garden. Now let's see what's happening after all the rain.

Not a lot that happens in my neck of the woods, but our little bridge is getting some much needed work. The detour adds a few extra miles but no big deal. How about the potholes guys? Saturday evening, we attended a surprise 60th birthday party for one of Michele's former co-workers. I had no idea who the woman was, but the food was great and isn't that what a good party is all about?