Where Did You Go on Vacation?

January 3, 2017

Hopefully you and your family had a little time off for the Holidays. If so, where did you go? I was pretty close to home for the bulk of it and enjoying my time off. Michele and I did a quick one day trip to Philly to see some friends and hang out a little. One of the great things about Philly is that it is filled with American history and almost every block in my old neighborhood features a piece of history that I realize I take for granted. As we were walking around, we once again passed Independence Hall but which I only visited once in my six year stay. I lived right next to the Betsy Ross House and for some reason, I never paid it a visit. My point being, there are so many amazing things to see right here in NEPA. Make it a point to do at least one every couple of months. You and your family will love it!