When Will It Go Away

July 6, 2016

As a child, when I was ill, I would become even more ill when I heard we were visiting the pediatrician. I was petrified of needles. To calm me down, my Mom always promised me a toy if I didn't cry. For me it was always Mr. Potato Head. This was getting a little old when I became a teenager but the fear never went away. I remember when I was engaged and getting ready to go for the marriage license, I heard I needed a blood test. At that point I was ready to walk away from marriage and live alone the rest of my life. I sucked it up and realized needles don't hurt as much...just a pinch. The other day, I had blood taken in the studio for a life insurance policy. I was a big boy...no crying, no noise...not even a whimper. The only thing is I miss is the toy from my childhood.