What's Missing From this Picture?

April 4, 2017

We're so excited because we've been saving our pennies to have parts of our kitchen re-done. We're having a new countertop in a few weeks and we found a good deal on new appliances. For those who know me, I'm not the most handy individual in the world and I passed that trait on to my sons. We ordered a new stove, refrigerator and microwave in the new black stainless look. The salesman who sold me the appliances assured me that the appliance would be set up and installed. On delivery day, the guy said we don't install the microwave. No problem, how difficult could that be? Holy crap, was I out of my league. That's why the wall above the stove will look like this for the next few weeks until the rest of the kitchen is done. As my brother (who installs kitchens and bathrooms) says, "Why do you even have tools. You're gonna hurt yourself." Should look great when it's all done...I'll show you a picture!