Racking up the Mileage

July 31, 2017

We were all over the place over the weekend. We started with our Diner Tour meeting the amazing people of Nanticoke at the Bus Stop Cafe for breakfast. From there, Michele and I headed south to visit friends near Philly to visit their cool idea of a bar in their garage. They call it the "BARage." What a great idea to use the space and a cool place for all of their friends to hang. After too much fun at the "BARage", I might have been snoring at the hotel which made it hard for Michele to sleep. Saturday, we headed in to Philly for a few hours for a haircut to see my friend Lisa and did a walk through China Town. Sunday afternoon it was time to walk off the food from the weekend so we headed to Ricketts Glen State Park to try hiking. I'll have that story tomorrow. Hope you made the most of your weekend!