Lots of Driving

July 10, 2017

My two big events this weekend were a trip to Wappingers Falls, NY to visit my sister and her husband. My brother and sister-in-law also stopped by for a barbeque. I hung out for a few hours and got out of there right after a torrential downpour. Sunday was a big day because of Froggy Fest up at Montage. As I was walking around backstage, I noticed a very strange sign on the bathroom door. Makes you think twice about using it. We were also lucky enough to spend some time with Brett Young, Kelsea Ballerini and Charles, Hillary and Dave from Lady Antebellum. The weather was perfect for a concert on the mountain. On my way home, my car hit a new milestone turning 200,000 miles. Let's hope it keeps going another 200,000!